World Environment Day 2021 – Let’s Make A Difference!

Today is World Environment Day 2021 and every year, we like to reflect on our place in the world and how our business can make a positive impact. After all, Bubba Organics is run by mums, making products for other mums and their tiny people. It just makes sense to consider the future of the world those tiny people will grow up in.

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

If you don’t know much about World Environment Day, read on to learn more, and get inspired to take action for the future of our beautiful planet.

What is World Environment Day?

Interest in the wellbeing of our environment might seem like a relatively new thing, but actually, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on 5 June since 1974. For nearly 5 decades, the day has been an opportunity to engage governments, businesses and everyday people like you and I in an effort to raise awareness about the most concerning environmental issues.

World Environment Day 2021 – Ecosystem Restoration

Photo via @unep on Instagram

World Environment Day has a different theme each year. This year is Ecosystem Restoration. All life relies on healthy ecosystems – but in 2021, the confronting truth is that these crucial ecosystems are damaged. World Environment Day calls for urgent action to be taken in repairing them.

Are you wondering what exactly an ecosystem is? The World Environment Day website describes it this way:

From forests to peatlands to coasts, we all depend on healthy ecosystems for our survival. Ecosystems are defined as the interaction between living organisms – plants, animals, people – with their surroundings. This includes nature, but also human-made systems such as cities or farms.

Some startling facts about our ecosystems that you may not be aware of:

  • More than 4.7 million hectares of forests are lost every year. That’s one football pitch every three seconds.
  • Over half of the world’s wetlands have disappeared in the last century.
  • Ecosystem loss is depriving the world of natural carbon sinks, like forests and peatlands. Why does this matter? Carbon sinks absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere helping reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Damaged ecosystems also shrink the natural habitat of our wildlife which poses a very real threat of extinction for many species.
  • 25% of our coral reefs have disappeared due to damaged ecosystems.


It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? But the good news is that there are solutions available to us.

Take part in #GenerationRestoration

Restoring our ailing ecosystems is a massive global task. As individuals, it can seem like we have no real role to play. But take heart! Making small changes in our everyday lives has a much bigger impact than we realise – especially when we all work together!

Here are some things you can do in your own life:

  • Be mindful about what you buy; Is it sustainable? Is there an eco-friendly alternative?
  • Join an environmental group in your local community to take part in activities like planting trees.
  • Choose native plants for your own garden. They provide food for native species of bugs, bees and birds, are better for the soil, and require less watering, too.
  • Support local business! Visit farmers’ markets for fresh produce that’s been grown locally. Choose Australian made products. The less travel a product requires to end up on shelves, the smaller the environmental footprint.
  • Model good environmental practices like conserving water, recycling and caring for all creatures at home – you’re raising the next generation of environmentally aware citizens!

Bubba Organics supports World Environment Day – every day!

Bubba Organics has always been conscious of our environmental impact. We believe small businesses should do their part to create a better future for our precious littles.

Our products are:

  • Locally made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Created using sustainable and ethical practices
  • Made with recyclable packaging
  • Never tested on animals
  • Free from toxins, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients

We proudly support the rehabilitation and protection of Australian wilderness and wildlife via the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW). In addition, every time you make a purchase from our gorgeous Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range, you’ll be supporting the FNPW initiative, Healing Our Land.


Featured image: via @unep on Instagram