Winter Warmer Recipes for New Mums

Hello winter, my cold little friend! Back again so soon? If you’re like us, you might be missing those warm, sunshiney days and craving delicious winter warmer recipes to help get you through. With little ones at home, all your energy goes into making sure that they have everything they need but don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Winter is typically a time of head colds and feeling a little run down so it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re nourishing yourself with warming meals. Here you’ll find our pick of healthy meals for new parents – nutritious and delicious winter recipes to inspire you in the kitchen and give you the stamina you need to withstand the demands of cold weather and motherhood!

Easy Winter Meals for Busy Mums

We know how tricky it can be to prepare meals each night when you’ve got a baby to care for. You’re sleep-deprived and uninspired and if bub is teething or fussy, sometimes it feels like you never put them down. These recipes are full of flavour but don’t require too much prep time.


Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken And Veggies

This is truly a one-pot wonder. Simply throw each ingredient in the slow cooker and cook on low for 7-8 hours. There is no better feeling than having dinner sorted in the morning! This leaves you free to enjoy your day gazing at the cute human/s you made while the slow cooker works its magic. This recipe does have an optional final step which is to broil (that’s pop under the grill in Australia) the chicken so that the skin gets lovely and crispy. Super-yummy and super-easy either way – check it out here.



Leek, Chorizo, Cauliflower And Chicken Bake

This flavour-packed dinner recipe from Gourmet Traveller looks (and tastes) impressive but won’t take you hours in the kitchen. Apart from briefly frying off the chicken thighs in a pan, this is a one-dish baking situation which every mum loves!  Find the recipe here.


Daube en Bouef

Okay, admittedly this stunning Provençale dish probably has one or two too many steps to be considered ‘easy’ but we couldn’t resist including it – it looks so good! There’s overnight marinating and then flouring and sautéing of the beef but most of the magic happens in a slow cooker which means you’re free to hang with your loves while those delicious aromas begin to fill your home.  Maybe save this one for a slow Sunday when your partner is home to help out. And if you’ve started bub on solids, try whizzing up some of the beef and veggies and treat them to a new flavour sensation! The recipe is here.

Winter Soups to Soothe the Soul

You know winter has well and truly arrived when a pot of gently simmering soup sits on the stove top. It’s a great way to pack a whole load of veggies into one meal and it can be frozen for future occasions when 7pm rolls around and you haven’t even had a chance to thinkabout dinner.



Wonton Dumpling Soup

Want a delicious, warming soup that’s ready in about 5 minutes? This super-easy recipe from Baby Mac is perfect for those nights (or days) when you just don’t seem to get a moment to yourself. A packet of frozen wontons and some chicken stock are the main ingredients needed to throw together this simple but substantial soup. Find the recipe here.



Flu-fighter chicken and turmeric soup

They say food is medicine so if you’re run down or fighting off a cold, this soup is an absolute winner. With a healing combination of chilli, garlic, ginger and turmeric, it’s a powerful dose of immunity boosting goodness! And of course, making soup means leftovers – a saving grace for tired, hungry mums at lunchtime the next day. Use a store-bought BBQ chicken for maximum convenience. You’ll find the recipe here.

And Something Sweet

Sometimes having a baby can bring out the inner Betty Crocker in a woman – if this is you, you’ll love these delicious desserts. If anyone deserves something delicious, sweet and still warm from the oven, it’s you, Mama. Add a dollop of double cream and enjoy!



Squidgy Chocolate Pear Pudding

You had us at squidgy chocolate! A decadently gooey chocolate pudding with canned pears is the perfect dessert for a chilly winter’s evening. Go on – you know you want to! The path to scrumptious starts here.



Carrot and Walnut Puddings

These individual steamed puddings are just made for cosy winter evenings spent with loved ones! It’s basically a ‘whizz up the ingredients and pop in the oven’ sort of dessert which is our absolute favourite kind. Follow the recipe here.


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