Why Choose Waterless Skincare Brands?

You’ve probably heard about waterless skincare brands. They’re a popular choice with consumers who spend time reading ingredients lists on their beauty and body care products. In addition, as parents become educated about what they’re putting on their baby’s skin, waterless skincare is becoming the preferred option for families, too.

Still wondering what all the fuss is about? This article explains the key benefits of going water-free, and why waterless skincare brands offer the most effective care for every little body!


So how are waterless skincare brands different?

Take a look at any bottle of skincare in your bathroom. Chances are that the first ingredient listed is water (sometimes called aqua). The first listing is important. It’s the main ingredient in the skincare formulation – and in some cases, water can make up more than 90% of the entire contents. If so, you could be using an expensive bottle of water to care for your family’s skin!

Waterless skincare brands like Bubba Organics believe that the first ingredient should be more than a cheap filler like water. Yes, water is good for mixing the more beneficial ingredients together – but water-free skincare harnesses the natural benefits of more skin-loving ingredients for happy, healthy skin!

Isn’t water good for the skin?

Water is GREAT for the skin – when you drink it! But as the base of your skincare, it really has no role other than to mix everything else together. That’s why water in skincare is sometimes referred to as a “dead ingredient” because it has no direct benefit to the skin.

In fact, water can actually have a drying effect on the surface of the skin. If you’ve ever spent too long in the bath, you’ll know the skin can get pruney. And long, hot showers can be very drying for the skin, too.

What ingredient replaces water?

Bubba Organics uses Aloe vera as our first ingredient. We love its proven ability to replenish moisture and assist the skin to repair itself. Aloe vera is a gentle ingredient that is perfect for everyday care. It has many topical benefits including:

  • anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain and swelling
  • supporting collagen production
  • antioxidant properties that protect the skin
  • keeping the skin soft and supple
  • natural moisturisation.


Water-free skincare formulations offer better value as every drop contains nourishing ingredients, with no cheap fillers diluting the benefits. Read more about how the beauty industry is moving to waterless formulations here.

Do waterless skincare brands offer other benefits?

Eco-conscious parents are turning to waterless skincare brands as a more sustainable choice. Water scarcity is a serious problem across the globe, and particularly in poorer countries. Without action, UNICEF predicts this crisis will worsen. From their website:

“By 2040, roughly 1 in 4 children worldwide will be living in areas of extremely high water stress.”

Supporting waterless skincare brands is just one way that families can protect the future for their children – and care for their skin naturally.

Try water-free skincare with your family


Try our premium range of waterless family skincare and experience the nourishing benefits for yourself! Delicate and sensitive skin deserves pure, natural products made with skin-loving ingredients sourced direct from Mother Nature. For safe, gentle and effective care, the natural choice is water-free!


Featured photo via Instagram @mummy.and.mama