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Why Choose Natural Baby Care Products?

Natural baby care products are popular with new parents. Maybe you’re wondering why. With so many baby products available, it can be hard to know which is right for your family. And with natural baby skincare often costing more than supermarket brands, it’s easy to question whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

Here’s our guide to natural baby care products and how using them can benefit your family, the community, and even the planet!

What are natural baby care products?

Natural baby care products are those made with earth-sourced ingredients, sustainable materials, and using eco-friendly practices. They avoid harsh chemicals, known toxins and irritants, and synthetic ingredients. As close to nature as you can get! But why is this important?

Better for baby

Baby in Sink Bath Using Natural Baby Skin CareImage by @justamelbournemama via Instagram


Babies are born with fragile skin that requires delicate care. From birth and really for the first few years of their lives at least, little ones simply don’t need harsh, soapy cleansers to keep their skin clean and healthy. In fact, using harsh cleansers filled with synthetic fragrances and preservatives can cause dryness and irritation. And for babies with eczema, harsh chemicals can strip away moisture, leading to uncomfortable flare-ups.

Keeping bath time care simple is often the best choice. And what better way to do this than with ingredients sourced directly from Mother Nature? Pure, gentle ingredients that replenish moisture in your little one’s delicate skin is a natural solution. Look for ingredients that offer naturally soothing and softening benefits including Aloe vera, shea butter, calendula, jojoba, Kakadu plum, and Manuka honey.

Just a pump or two of a gentle and nourishing natural bath wash is all that’s needed. Follow this with a naturally moisturising lotion to keep skin soft and comfortable. If you find bub needs a little extra TLC, a bottom cream made with Aloe vera and shea butter can soothe and restore moisture.

Better for the planet

Hands Holding Green Seedling in SoilPhoto by Noah Buscher on Unsplash


Baby products that are made without the use of mineral oils and harsh chemicals are not only better for the health of your family – they’re better for the environment, too. Reducing toxic waste and keeping manufacturing local are just two of the ways that natural baby care can positively impact our communities and the health of our planet.

When choosing baby clothes and swaddling wraps, look for natural fibres that are soft and allow the skin to breathe. Organic baby wraps made with super-soft cotton grown pesticide-free are a beautiful choice.

To reduce waste to landfill, try compostable baby wipes and nappies. Choose baby skin care that is made with recyclable packaging. Avoid plastic toys and instead, look for wooden toys that are not only a natural, non-toxic choice but can be passed on for generations.

Just like a home cooked meal using fresh produce makes us feel good from the inside out, choosing natural baby care products can improve the health of our family and the planet. And we think that’s an investment that’s well worth making!

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Main image: Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash