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Our IG Family: Meet Alana From Tribeofwuwu

Last year, we announced our gorgeous new IG Family, a group of Australian mum influencers who will be sharing their experiences with our natural baby products. We know that the most meaningful recommendations come from other mums and so we’ve recruited some of our favourites to give you their honest opinions about the Bubba Organics range.

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Alana, the gorgeous mum behind @tribeofwuwu. Alana began her Instagram page a decade ago, sharing fashion and food. But it wasn’t until she had her adorable little boy, Spencer, that she truly discovered the power of social media to connect new mums who may be feeling isolated.

Read on to find out more about lovely Alana!

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.

We are a small family of three living by the sea in New South Wales. We have a fur baby who is almost eight years old, and our son Spencer is 18 months old – both are energetic and very cheeky!

What made you decide to start your Instagram page and blog?

Believe it or not, I actually started my Instagram ten years ago sharing things that I love, which at the time was lots of styled outfits and food! After losing a close family member of ours to cancer and Spencer being conceived around the same time as his birthday, and also being due around the time the family member left our world, I promised myself to document all our family moments. Life is just so precious, you never really know when your time is up.

On our Instagram @tribeofwuwu we share our good days, bad days, stories of motherhood and things that we love. We support Australian businesses, love our organic and eco friendly products, adore handmade items and discovering new products.

Our blog, www.tribeofwuwu.com, was inspired by our Instagram followers wanting more information than our posts could share. On our blog, you will find our stories about motherhood, recipes, eco products we use, easy DIY projects and even interviews with some of our favourite Australian businesses.

What can mums expect when following you?

Spencer has eczema and some very strange food allergies like peas! You can expect us to be talking about his skin journey, products which we use that are gentle for sensitive baby skin, baby fashion, and toys. We love neutral tones, travel, and sharing our parenting journey.

What do you enjoy most about running your page and blog?

I never realised how lonely motherhood actually was – hubby would leave for work, I was the first amongst my friends to have had a baby and the dead silence of the night feeds made me feel alone. No one ever speaks about how lonely motherhood can be. I had a fantastic and supportive mothers group but in the newborn days, I had complications with breastfeeding and just found it hard to leave the house for the weekly coffees. I remember on some days, that it would have taken me a few hours before I was able to take that first step out of our home whilst I was trying to settle into our new routine.

Therefore, I started chatting to other mums on Instagram and Facebook groups, even at weird hours like 3am… there was always another mum awake too! I have absolutely loved this component of running our feed and blog because I have discovered so many businesses and the people behind them, as well as mums that I would never have found otherwise. It is also amazing how close I have gotten to some mums on Instagram without having met them! Last month, I finally got to meet with an Instagram mum who I have been corresponding with for a year and it was just as though they were an old friend.

We’re thrilled to have you onboard as a Bubba Organics Ambassador for 2020! Tell us a bit about what it means to you to be an ambassador for our Australian natural baby skin care brand.

We feel so humbled and blessed to have been asked to be part of the Bubba Organics Ambassador family for 2020, especially since we love these products! Since Spencer has eczema and food allergies, it was so important to find natural baby products and a brand that works for us. We went through so many creams, lotions and products but nothing seemed to work well. Lots of these products were also filled with water and fillers which did not help to effectively hydrate Spencer’s skin and which also meant we we going through bottles of products.

Which is your favourite Bubba Organics product and why?

Our favourite range from Bubba Organics is the Goats Milk Range as it can be used for the whole family. It also does not contain any nut oils such as macadamia, making it suitable for babies like ours who have nut allergies.

What’s the one thing you would tell a brand-new mum?

Accept help when it is offered and take lots of photos!


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