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The Benefits of Waterless Skin Care

The latest buzz in the beauty industry is waterless skin care – and maybe you’re wondering why. Are there additional benefits or is it all just a fad?

Bubba Organics makes waterless skin care for babies and families so read on to discover why we chose to make our formulations water-free!

Why Choose Waterless Skin Care?

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Waterless skin care is definitely not a fad – and more and more beauty brands are discovering the advantages to going water-free.

This is a crucial time for taking action on climate change. For this reason, considering the way businesses use water is very important. Across the globe, there are millions of people whose access to water is extremely limited. So making the choice to use waterless skin care is a step towards conservation of this life-giving resource! But the benefits don’t stop there.

Avoid Cheap Fillers

True or false: many skin care formulations are made up of between 80 – 95% water.

The answer is TRUE. Yep, your favourite tube, bottle or jar of skin care may contain a formulation that is mostly water – and sometimes very expensive water!

Water is a popular first ingredient in many skin care products because it mixes other ingredients together well. And it’s SUPER cheap. However, it often has no other role to play in improving the health of the skin. Does it really deserve to be the number one ingredient?

We don’t think so!

Instead of water, Bubba Organics uses Aloe vera in all of our natural skin care formulations. Aloe has amazing hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to soften and soothe the skin for centuries. Boasting a skin-loving combo of vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids, the gel-like ingredient is a beautiful addition to our baby skin care.

More Effective Formulations

Yes, water is great for the skin – but only when you’re drinking it! Applied topically, water can evaporate and actually cause the skin to become drier. Skin care that uses water as the main ingredient can sometimes dilute the benefits of the other ingredients.

By comparison, waterless formulations can often be more effective in keeping the skin hydrated and allowing the key ingredients to work their magic.

A More Sustainable Choice

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Water is a priceless resource and one that we should never take for granted. The opportunity to reduce our water usage is a step towards a healthier planet. And since waterless skin care can be more effective, it can mean healthier skin, too!

And Aloe vera, the water alternative we use in our natural skin care, is a sustainable plant to grow. It’s drought-resistant, making it extremely water and energy efficient – just another eco-friendly reason we love this superstar ingredient.

Try our waterless skin care for families

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Made with 100% natural ingredients that love your skin and the planet, Bubba Organics is truly the best choice for families. Try our waterless skin care and experience the difference our nourishing, all natural formulations can make!

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