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I’ve been lathering Ashton is sunscreen lately and so at the end of the day I love to give him a beautiful calming and natural bath to cleanse his skin and keep it baby soft, followed by a relaxing baby massage using the most luxurious skincare range by Bubba Organics. I love that every beautiful product is planet safe and full of pure, organic good and natural ingredients. They smell divine too!


Justine – @justy_olive

Western Australia

I sincerley love Bubba Organics products and love that they actually work… they truly are my favourite x  Justine



I’m loving my Bubba Organics, thanks so much for making such beautiful products x

bum shot


I was just sharing this little bum shot 🙊 This is my absolute fave product 😍 and as it’s a limited edition I have bought 3 of the packs 😂 Hopefully it has been as crazy popular with everyone else so it can stick around 🙊 Thank you for making such a beautiful baby product range ❤️ xx



Guys!!! Thank you so much for the little surprise gift in my order! The room spray smells incredible and we’ve already sprayed it all over our living room.

My husband and I have used your products from the day our daughter was born (and she turns one tomorrow!) and I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of your products, as well as your brilliant customer service. Thanks so much, in us you have a customer for life! Merry Christmas x


Shinta – Victoria

Dear Bubba Organics, I couldn’t be more happier to continue to support your products.  I tried talcum free powder on Olivers Neck by a well know Australian brand that I received from the hospital.  After a few hours the skin on his neck started to peel and was left red and raw.  After bathing and moisturising him with the Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk, the redness disappeared and his skin is back on the mend.
Thank you for making such amazing products.
Shinta 💕

Bec – North Ringwood

My names Bec and I work at Flowerpot Florist. I met the owner the other day when she popped into the shop.  I mentioned my son had bad eczema atm and she recommended the Goats Milk to try. In the shop we only had the bottom cream so I got it to try. What can I say, but WOW.  The first night I noticed a massive difference and have been using it since Monday. I have used many other creams and even ones prescribed by doctor that havnt worked.
Just wanted to thank you and tell you how amazing it has worked for us so far.

Jadie & Cohen – @_.j_d._

New South Wales

Thanks Bubba Organics, the Lavender & Chamomile wash is the best.  Love the moisturising cream for after the bath and it’s the only wash that doesn’t irritate Cohens skin.  Keep on making awesome products 👌


Valentina – @valentina_tartaglia_

Our bath time routine thanks to Bubba Organics……  Love these products, especially the chamomile & lavender baby bottom cream, gets rid of sore red bums instantly!! .. keep up the great products!!


Whitney – @thewifelife

I feel so warm and content hearing the laughter that comes from these two. I may not have everything I want in life but I’m blessed enough to have all that I need!  For this, I am grateful // My babies smelling heavenly with Bubba Organics.  I love anything organic and Australian made 🌿


Shinta – @mama_and_triplets

This smells absolutely amazing… it smells divine! 🙌


Ruth – @ruthadel

This little bubba is growing way too fast!!  It feels like only yesterday I was pregnant! As most of you know, I’m very conscious about eating organics foods and cutting out chemicals where ever possible, well I also believe that it is just as important to choose organic and chemical free skincare products, because after all, our skin is our biggest organ and the one we often neglect.  I am so happy to share Bubba Organics with you all.  I seriously love it!  It is so gentle on Kokoda’s delicate skin and smells amazing. With Lavender & Chamomile to soothe and relax him at bath time, he is one very happy organic bubba 🌿


Ash – @thetattooedmumma


Bubble bath fun 😊 I only use Bubba Organics Goats Milk Bath Wash on our Bubba.  Thank you so much, she loves her bubble baths and the pump bottle makes for great entertainment. 😉

FullSizeRender 2

Renee – @memandmaeve

New South Wales

I was always reluctant to allow my kids to have bubble baths. Miss 3 has very sensitive skin that reacts to many skincare products.  Bubba Organics Baby Hair & Body Wash is soothing and gentle on sensitive skin.  We love it because it makes lovely bubbles that are safe for my little lady’s skin. My kids don’t have to miss out on bath time fun any more!

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Gemma-Ashley Kaplan – @gemmaashleystudios

Bubba Organics is a beautiful brand and I love that it is a practical, natural and luxurious product. Both Darcys Dad and I have really sensitive skin so we are very careful about what we use on Darcys’ skin and have been very happy with the product range, I might have stolen some for myself too!


Marnia – @littleriverlove

I have used Bubba Organics on my 2 year old son River for over a year now and I absolutely love the range. I can always rely on the fact that the products are gentle enough on his sensitive skin. The soft neutral fragrance of the entire range is subtle and not at all overpowering. The body lotion has the most devine texture and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated, nourished and absorbs beautifully into his skin. The body wash/shampoo is gentle and hydrating and doesn’t feel at all drying. I highly recommend these products and I always give them as a baby shower gift because I am so confident that they are perfect for new bubs precious skin

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Kellie Pardoe –  @kellie.pardoe

Auckland NZ

Bath time is one of my favourite parts of the day..  I love to sit and have a hot cuppa while watching my little ones play in the tub…  or in this case it’s a Sunnies & a Sink Bath with lots of natural bubbles. Nothing quite like the beautiful scent of Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile on my freshly washed babe x


Kaycee Edwards – Adelaide

Thank you Bubba Organics for the best Bath, Hair & Body wash going around! It leaves Alby’s skin so soft and smelling amazing x

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Kate Twigley – Perth

Thank you so much Bubba Organics, my gift arrived and it smells amazing.

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Mollie Harwood – Make up Artist & Beauty Blogger

I’m loving Bubba Organics for baby & especially for my 4 year old.  The bath & hair wash is making his skin so soft!  Love the subtle scent and the packaging being a pump is really easy with kids.

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Rachel Stokes – Queensland

Finally, bath time is not a fight!  Whenever I’d go to wash my daughters hair (and she has a lot of it) it would end in complete meltdowns.   She hated it!  Somedays it wasn’t worth it and she’d have dried yoghurt in there from the day before.  But after receiving the Lavender & Chamomile hair & bath wash from Bubba Organics, it’s been a game changer.  I’ve never smelt anything so good and my daughter will happily let me wash her hair now.  She even loves to try and do it herself!

FullSizeRender 5

Karena Valentina –  @karenvalentina


Double fist pumps for a few of our favourites from Bubba Organics amazing organic products, especially the bottom cream.  LOVING IT!!!  My baby actually had a small bite and I rubbed a bit of the bottom cream on & it totally soothed it and it went away pretty quick. xx

FullSizeRender 3

Lucia de Mello – @luciademello_


So in love with my Bubba Organics – it smells divine 😍😍😍 I want to use it on myself 😂😂😂

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Rachael & Lailah – Western Australia

‘Sweet Monday mornings, bathing in the most beautiful smelling organic chemical free wash and lotion by Bubba Organics

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Dr Chris Perryer – Lecturer at UWA,WA

My wife (Anne) likes the Goats Milk Moisture Lotion, she said she likes the fact that it is a natural product with a nice natural fragrance.  It’s non greasy, absorbs easily into the skin and can be used on the face & neck without any irritation, it also dries quickly.  She would be happy to use it on and ongoing basis.


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Natasha Quintanilla – Western Australia

Maya’s favourite part of the day is showertime with daddy. When we started using moisturiser we used a natural one that was fragrance free but it dried out her baby soft skin. So we switched to the Bubba Organics lavender and chamomile lotion we won in their giveaway and her baby soft skin is back 😍

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.22.42 pm

Roxanne Cambridge – roxannecambridge


“It smells beautiful mummy” Emeralds review of Bubba Organics baby hair & bath wash! We love that it can also be used as a bubble bath (and cleans what little hair she has) Plus it’s all natural and organic so we will definitely be using Bubba Organics for our new baby too. Love love love!


Laura – @thewholemummy

Beautiful bath time made even more calming thank you Bubba Organics the lavender & chamomile baby wash is soothing, gentle and helps to settle busy, restless little souls.
Honestly love your products, I use the Lavender lotion for a bit of baby/toddler massage before bed and they love it.
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Janet Chua – WA

The Bubba Organics packaging is lovely and the description on the design gives me an understanding of the product – which is a plus!  I have been using the Bottom Cream for my 17 month old baby to prevent from any nappy rash and I am very happy with the results, it is very soothing and calming on my baby’s skin.  Furthermore, I would use it as a hand cream as it is so moisturising and scent free!
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Holly Roberts – Victoria

I purchased the Goats Milk Wash, Lotion & Bottom Cream for my twins in Melbourne at OFB.  Our little gems arrived 3.5 weeks ago, a little early and prem so they have extremely delicate skin.  I’d searched high & low for organic, gently on the skin baby products without nut oils as I have a not oil allergy myself.  I’m happy to say we all love your products & they bubble up nicely & wash hair perfectly!  The cream works a treat too on dry skin.  THANK YOU!

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Bec from @our_little_wanderlust

Bubba Organics – I love this bath wash & so does Nylah (she told me herself).  In fact she tends to suck the water out of her washer – I’m sure it’s because she’s trying to get all that added goodness 😂😜you know.. total second child syndrome.  Relax it’s organic 😉

image2 (2)

Meghan & Oscar – VIC

Just wanted to let you know I am absolutely LOVING your products & so is my 6month old bub!! I’ve been using your products on his skin from day 1 (and he was in NICU for his first few wks) and even on premmie skin it has been so gentle and smells amazing!!


Amy Waterhouse – WA

I just have to say a big THANKYOU 💕 Bubba Organics – we have been using your goats milk range for a few weeks now to try and improve Lachlan’s dry skin – we couldn’t be happier with our soft, smooth skinned bubba! And Lachlan even itches himself less. We put Jack in his bath now so he can be soft as well. Love love love! And highly recommend to anyone who’s babes skin is also a bit flaky and dry in this cold weather.

Jess & Franco – Tamworth NSW

I just wanted to thank you so so much Bubba Organics.

Our little baby boy arrived on 8th July, 10 days overdue. His name is Franco and he is such a treasure.

We used our lavender and chamomile wash this morning before Franco’s newborn photo shoot and it made him so calm and relaxed! We love it!!

Jessica Kate & Baby Scarlett

Little Scarlett 2 weeks old and excited for our favourite time – bath time with our fave all natural, organic, Australian Made bath products from Bubba Organics.  It’s peace of mind knowing products are free of nasties and as simple as can be!
I think the products you select for a newborn are so important, as smells create such lasting memories in your mind – the Bubba Organics smell will forever remind me of our first born.

Revie-Jane & LexiLou – Miami, Gold Coast QLD

I did lots of research when picking the product to use for our baby, they are so precious and their skin is like velvet. There are so many options and it can get confusing. I ended up going with Bubba Organics and I’m very glad I did.
All of the products in the Bubba Organics range are free from harmful chemicals and are made to the highest ethical Australian standards. They never test their beautiful products on animals and it’s created and made here in Australia.
The icing on the cake is it smells like HEAVEN on earth. I have the Lavender and Chamomile body wash. Anyway we’re big fans!

Jade & Mila – Cowes, Vic

I love the Bubba Organics Baby skin care range and love that the products are made in Melbourne with organic ingredients that are just perfect for my baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. Her skin has been soft and clear since using the goats milk wash and moisturiser.  I have even been using the moisturiser myself sometimes-  it’s so delicious and light weight! Highly recommend this product, especially if your Bubba has sensitive skin.

Dr Monique Cohenka, Melbourne VIC

Thank you Bubba Organics for the baby skin care samples. I love the range of products. I never typically take the time to make comments however I was so impressed with the samples that I just couldn’t resist leaving some feedback.  When I opened my package of products I was delighted by the natural scent of lavender and chamomile that filled the air.  I now have a nightly ritual of spraying this calming product in the bedrooms and bathrooms. I also sampled the Baby Hair and Baby Wash and the Baby Bottom Cream. They were soothing, gentle and perfect for the whole family.  In fact the Lavender & Chamomile baby bottom cream with nourishing Shea butter, is such a beautiful treat to use as a hand cream.  I just loved the stylish packaging and think they would make a divine gift for new mums. Thank you for your amazing, natural and gentle products I will certainly spread the word.

Linda Yeung

Thanks Bubba Organics, your baby hair and bath wash seems to be gentle on Monkeys skin – it’s flaking less!  “I love bath times!”

Stacey Studders – Glenfield Park, NSW

Have finally found such a gentle product to use for my two boys. We absolutely love the hair and body wash, the smell is devine and it is so gentle on little ones skin.  I look forward to bath times just so I can use Bubba Organics!  The lotion makes the skin so soft and smells amazing. I am so happy we found you!  Will recommend to all my friends 🙂 thank you for your outstanding customer service too

Jo & Eve – Bayside, Victoria

When Eve and I received your beautiful package in the mail we couldn’t wait to try them.  We have used all the products and not only do they smell delicious, they feel so good on Eve’s skin.

We went swimming today and she ended up with really dry cheeks, I used some Bubba Organics moisture cream and after her sleep they were back to normal!  The bottom cream is also amazing, it makes her bum so soft!!!

I’ll definitely be telling all my mothers group friends about your products. 🙂

Jes Mastrangioli – Koo Wee Rup, Vic

When teething gets the better of both of us, sometimes all you can do is have a bath, with bubbles gratefully
provided by Bubba Organics ♡

Kylie Ericson – Greensborough, Vic

Just wanted to say I love your baby bottom cream. My daughter is 6 months old and whenever she gets a red bottom I put it on straight after a bath and by the morning it’s totally gone. Would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again ladies x

Holli Meehan, Mother of 3 – Elsternwick, Vic

My son has had very sensitive skin from day one. After hearing rave reviews about Bubba Organics from a friend, I decided to try these products for myself. I like the idea of organic and safe skincare products for my family. Not to mention Australian made. I tried the goats milk baby wash on bubs and loved that it did not irritate his skin, nor did it have an overbearing fragrance. The other Bubba Organics product I truly loved was the room spray. This was perfect for what I needed as a quick room spray with a delightful subtle fragrance. I would recommend Bubba Organics to all parents who are concerned about using manmade chemicals and nasties on their family’s skin. No nasties in this. Good price, and great ingredients in it. What’s not to like?

Carmel & Aiden – VIC

My son, Aiden, suffered with small patches of eczema on his bottom. He would scratch until the skin was either red raw or bleeding.
Since using your goats milk bath wash and lotion, the itchy patches have gone and he no longer scratches.
It has been such a relief to finally find a product that has healed this area completely as it was very distressing to see him constantly scratching at his skin.
Thank you bubba Organics. I will be recommending your products to all of my friends

Natalie & James, Vic

My husband is loving and swears by Bubba Organics Goats Milk skin care.

After using a different shaving foam to his regular one he severely came out in a terrible inflamed rash all over his chin, cheeks and neck. He was so itchy and red raw, so having the Bubba Organics creams handy for my little one and knowing it’s 100% natural with no nasties at all, I slathered the Goats Milk baby bottom cream all over the flared up areas on his face. Not only did this instantly provide him great relief, but the inflamed rashes calmed down and disappeared with in an hour…. Wow what a versatile product! He now uses the range every day including the bath wash as a shower wash and the moisturiser after shaving

Emma Waters – Margate, QLD

Awww what a lovely gentle product!!! So perfect for little bottoms ☺️  I will definitely be recommending your products to all my Mummy friends

Fallyn Kassis – Oak Flats, NSW

I was so Lucky to be one of the winners of the Bubba Organics Giveaway! We received a beautifully wrapped goats milk baby bottom Cream. It is by far the best nappy cream we have use thus far with our Twins. Its super light and moisturizing a very light fragrance and I love that it comes in a pump bottle so theres no risk of contamination. I cant wait to try many more of your awesome products!! Thank you! Fallyn, Mila & Thomas!

Holly-Jade Harrap – Yarragon, Vic

Hi just thought I’d share… My son broke out in an angry red rash today. His bubba organics bottom cream was sitting on the change table with him so I put some on his face… As you can see… Works wonders on things other than bottoms . He is still a little spotty but it’s not as bad thanks to the cream

Morgan Campbell, Papamoa Beach, New Zealand

We love your Lavender and Chamomile Bath & Hair Wash, I love that it’s so gentle on Kyla’s delicate skin and it calmed her right down before bed.❤️

Caroline Hill – Sydney, NSW

Billy loves his Bubba Organics Goats Milk Baby Hair & Bath Wash – Mum loves Bills super soft feeling..  Cant wait to try your baby body lotion

Jules, Sandringham, Victoria

Thanks Bubba Organics.. I love the whole range! The packaging is gorgeous and looks so at home in my modern bathroom and nursery. My favourite product is the Lavender & Chamomile Hair & Bath wash which I use as a bubble bath. I had been on the search for a Locally made natural bubble bath with no nasties for such a long time and your Lavender & Chamomile Hair & Bath bubbled up a treat when I added it to the bath and whooshed the water around.  I love that Lavender & Chamomile is calming, I need all the help I can get.

Samantha Clarke, Mt Eliza, Victoria

We use the Bubba Organics Lavender bottom cream on our two year old daughter Evelyn and we absolutely love it! Evelyn is a really active little girl and sometimes suffers from nappy rash, the product is very gentle and soothing which left Evelyn feeling silky smooth and smelling great but most importantly got rid of her nappy rash, we’ll certainly be using this product regularly in the future.

Dana, Gold Coast, QLD

I’m really careful when it comes to choosing food and skin care products for my family and only want natural & organic ingredients.  I couldn’t find any Baby Skin Care in Australia that I liked so after lots of searching I started buying a brand online from America. When I found Bubba Organics new range I was excited to see that it was natural, organic & safe for my baby girl. My favourite products were in the Lavender & Chamomile range because I loved the scent and found them very calming & soothing for Mia. I also sprayed the nursery every night before Mia went to sleep and sprayed it in the house when she was awake. I found the Goats Milk range to be gentle on her skin with my favourite product being the Bottom Cream, it was so luxurious I even used it as a hand cream for myself.  Thank you so much Bubba Organics for letting me sample your beautiful products as they are the best natural products I have used. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family.  All the best Dana xx

Holly-Jade, Yarragon, Victoria

We received our Bubba Organics Goats Milk Baby Bottom Cream and we are loving it!!  The baby bottom cream feels so nice against the skin and it’s organic too! It goes everywhere in the nappy bag now We have been spreading the news of bubba organics with anyone who will listen