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Soothing Winter Skin Care Tips For Babies and Toddlers

Is there anything more scrumptious than baby skin? It’s impossible not to fall in love with our tiny people with their heart-warming smiles and silky-soft skin. And those gorgeously chubby rolls in all the right places? It’s a wonder we ever stop smooching them!

But did you know that babies have skin that is three to five times thinner than ours? This can leave them vulnerable to irritation and dryness. And when the temperature drops during the winter months, you might be noticing some changes to your baby or toddler’s skin.

This list of simple winter skin care tips for babies and toddlers will help you keep your little one’s skin naturally nourished and healthy throughout this winter season.

Shorter baths are better

Chilly days just lend themselves to long, warm baths, don’t they? But spending too long in warm water can actually be drying to the skin. So keep them short and sweet – and if your little one has especially dry skin, it might be useful to skip the daily bath. Newborns can get by with three baths a week. Simply use a warm washcloth on the other days to keep skin clean and comfortable.

Bubble baths are super-fun but some of the traditional formulas contain harsh, foaming detergents and synthetic fragrances that can further irritate and dry out sensitive skin. If you do like your little one’s bath to have bubbles and a delicate scent, try natural baby wash options that add nourishing moisture to precious skin rather than stripping it. Try Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile Baby Hair & Bath Wash for a gentle, vegan-friendly bath-time that promotes calm and relaxation before bedtime.

Stay hydrated – inside and out

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Those cold blasts of winter air can be harsh for delicate skin, but did you know that indoor heating systems can wreak just as much havoc? Add perspiring in heavy layers of clothing and it’s a recipe for dry, flaky skin!

Hydration is the key to keeping your baby’s skin soft and soothed. So whether you breast or bottle feed, or your toddler is drinking water, make sure to keep up that hydration.

In winter, our bodies tend to send us less thirst signals than in hotter weather – so it may be helpful to set a reminder on your phone to keep those drink breaks up. This applies to you and your toddler!

And of course, a naturally soothing moisturiser is essential for keeping skin hydrated on the outside. Try using a baby cream like Goats Milk Baby Moisture Lotion after each bath or wipe down with a washcloth. This helps soften and soothe delicate skin and locks in vital moisture.

Don’t forget to protect delicate skin from the sun

A daily dose of Vitamin D is important for both you and your little one so we encourage you to rug up and head out, even when it’s chilly. But don’t let those crisp, sunny days fool you – the sun is still incredibly powerful. Always dress your little people in hats to head outside and use your choice of sunscreen to ensure harmful UV rays aren’t damaging their delicate skin.

Extra-dry skin may need extra moisture in winter

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If your babe suffers with extremely dry or eczema-prone skin, you may find that once daily moisturisation just doesn’t cut it. If this is the case, try applying moisturiser morning and night. You can even spot treat especially dry patches with an extra-soothing moisturising cream like our Baby Bottom Creams. Enriched with nature’s finest ingredients including shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba and calendula, you can rest easy that every hydrating drop is as safe as it is soothing.

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Featured image by Shelby Miller on Unsplash