Soothe your bubba’s eczema with Fresh Australian Goats Milk Skincare

‘Soft as a baby’s bottom’ is how the saying goes but the dry skin condition eczema occurs in about 1 in 5 babies. If your little bubba is prone to patches of red, scaly skin (most often occurring in the creases of the skin like the neck, elbows and behind the knees), you’ll know how difficult it can be to find all natural baby products that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many skincare products marketed for delicate baby skin contain known irritants which can be a recipe for disaster. If you’re searching for a baby eczema treatment that doesn’t involve steroids, you should consider skincare using fresh Australian goats milk.















Bringing relief to babies with eczema

Caring for your distressed baby when they just can’t stop scratching is heartbreaking. Treatments vary and not all of them will work for every sufferer. Frustratingly, even the medical profession can’t fully explain why eczema occurs. But anecdotal evidence of the healing properties of goats milk is promising. Many mums have seen dramatic improvement in the severity of their bubba’s eczema and some have seen the condition clear altogether.

Goats milk adds nourishing moisture to dry and irritated skin

Fresh goats milk boasts a naturally high fat content which is great news for dry skin. It’s like nature’s moisturiser and when applied to bubba’s skin, creates a barrier to keep moisture in. Additionally, this barrier can help to keep irritants out which is particularly useful if your baby has started swimming lessons in a chlorinated pool.

A baby moisturiser loaded with vitamins and minerals

In addition to its deep moisturising benefits, fresh goats milk is packed with vitamins such as A, B1, B6, B12, C,D and E and minerals including zinc, iron and selenium. Further boosted with amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes all known for enhancing skin health, goats milk is a powerful and natural addition to skincare. But make sure you’re choosing the best natural baby products. Fresh, creamy goats milk is the superior skincare ingredient – not the powdered version.

Natural care, every day

The most important step in baby eczema treatment is the daily routine of moisturising. Even during those periods when there is no flare-up, eczema-prone skin needs that extra boost of moisture to keep the skin healthy and soft. Using a rich, creamy moisturiser free of irritants and fragrances is vital, as is avoiding drying washes and soaps. Choosing gentle, organic by nature products is an excellent first step in maximising the health of your whole family’s precious skin.

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