Simple Easter Activities For Toddlers

Simple Easter activities for toddlers have never been more important than during this unusual time!  No matter how you choose to celebrate, this year will look a whole lot different than the Easter’s we are used to. Social distancing and staying home have made holidays and extended family gatherings impossible.

Feeling disappointed about cancelled Easter plans? Take heart! The great thing is that our little people can find joy in the simplest of things. This Easter may not be the one you had planned, but these fun and easy Easter activities are sure to bring some joy to you and your kiddos this Easter weekend.

Easter craft ideas for toddlers

Easter Craft Toddlers

When you think Easter activities for toddlers, do you think dyeing eggs? And does that thought fill you with dread? We’ve got you, mama! These Easter crafting ideas are simple for little people and are unlikely to cause too much mess – although a little bit of mess is part of the crafty fun!

Decorating Cardboard Easter Eggs

Start by cutting out some Easter egg shapes – if you don’t have cardboard, paper is fine, but cardboard is a little sturdier which is ideal for toddlers whose fine motor skills are still developing. Cut out as many as you like, ready to be decorated.

Now set up a craft station for your little one to decorate their Easter egg shape. Here are some ideas:

  • bubble wraps Easter eggs – if you have left over bubble wrap lying around, cut it into small pieces that your child can dip into paint and then press onto their Easter egg like a stamp. They’ll love the fun pattern that the bubble wrap makes. Use multiple coloured paints with a separate piece of bubble wrap for each colour to create a gorgeous rainbow Easter egg!
  • ribbon Easter eggs – put all those saved gift ribbons and cutoffs to good use by encouraging your little one to decorate their Easter egg with them. You’ll just need some school glue and ribbons, cut to fit the width of the cardboard egg. Now sit back and let your toddler create their masterpiece!
  • tissue paper Easter egg – now is the time to get out the coloured tissue paper you’ve been holding onto forever! Tear into small pieces and scrunch into little balls. If you have the patience, involve your toddler in this process as the scrunching action is brilliant for fine motor development. Once you have a nice pile of scrunched tissue paper balls, your toddler can glue each ball to the cardboard egg, creating a lovely, colourful collage.
  • finger painted egg – if you have washable paint, you can do this activity! Pour a small amount of different coloured paints onto a plate or palette and give your little one free rein to decorate with their fingers. It’s loads of fun for them and excellent for fine motor skills, too!


Decorating Easter biscuits

Decorate Easter biscuits

This one is way easier than it sounds. Using store bought plain biscuits, there is no baking required. And then it’s just a matter of providing some toppings for your toddler to spread and sprinkle their yummy Easter biscuit with! For the full directions, check out the Picklebums website.

Easter scavenger hunt for little people

Kids Easter Costumes

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An Easter scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate! In fact, why not put together a nature scavenger hunt in the backyard? You can make a simple list of things to find with drawings of each item. Tailor it to what you know can be found in your yard – a leaf, a twig, a smooth stone, that kind of thing.

If you have a courtyard or an apartment, a list of colours or textures is a fun way to go on a scavenger hunt, too. What can you find that’s yellow? What can you find that’s bumpy? Again, have a good look at the space your little one will be exploring to make your list. And remember, they’re a lot shorter than you so try getting down low and looking at the space from a toddler perspective!

If the weather is not favourable for outdoor hunting, you can set up an Easter-themed scavenger hunt indoors with things found around the home. If you want to include a few cheeky chocolate eggs, you can! Other ideas include a toy bunny, a carrot, and a book with an Easter theme or that features a bunny or a chick. Some people like to buy their kids new winter pyjamas for Easter and you could hide these as part of the hunt, too.

Baby bunny costume

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We hope these simple Easter activities will provide some fun for your kiddos this weekend. And however you choose to spend this Easter holiday, we wish you a safe and joyful time with your precious little people.