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  1. Lavender & Chamomile Room Spray 125ml
    Lavender & Chamomile Room Spray 125ml
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  2. PROD-EAM-BRS-125ML-1
    Eucalyptus & Melaleuca Baby Room Spray 125ml
    Special Price $24.95

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Natural Baby Room Spray

Looking for a safe alternative to freshen your little one’s nursery after nappy changes? Our Natural Baby Room Spray range is made using only pure, earth-sourced ingredients, making it naturally aromatic and non-toxic.

Our all natural room spray is available in two gorgeously botanical scents – which one will be your favourite?

Lavender & Chamomile – lavender and chamomile not only smell naturally divine, they’re also known to promote calm and relaxation. Use a few spritzes of this natural room spray in your baby’s nursery as part of a soothing bedtime routine.

Eucalyptus & Melaleuca – with a sweet, slightly fruity scent, this baby room spray harnesses the beautiful aromatics of the Australian bush to safely and naturally freshen the nursery – or any space in your home. Antibacterial properties make this an excellent option when bub has the sniffles.

A Safe Solution to Freshening the Nursery

Try Bubba Organics Natural Baby Room Spray in your home. Naturally freshen the air after each nappy change, spritz on linen for a lovely, subtle scent, or take a bottle on holidays to use wherever your bub is sleeping. The familiar scent can be comforting for little ones when they are away from home.

To learn more about why Natural Room Sprays are best for your family, visit our blog.