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Our Proudly Australian Made and Owned Baby Products

Are you searching for Australian made and owned baby products? You’re not alone! More and more Australian parents are choosing Australian baby brands for their families.

Bubba Organics is proudly Australian owned. In addition, every premium product, from our soothing moisture lotions to our super-soft organic baby wraps, has been made in Melbourne. We’ve been committed to offering only Australian made baby products from the beginning. Read on to find out why.

We’re an Australian Made Licensee

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Most of us recognise that iconic green and gold logo with the kangaroo on it – but did you know not just any Australian baby brands can use it on their packaging?

That’s right. In order to use the symbol, Bubba Organics needs to meet the strict criteria that comes with claiming Australian Made status. When you see this symbol, you know you can trust that we offer genuinely Australian made natural baby products. And this authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

So next time you’re shopping Australian baby brands, take a moment to check whether they are made in Australia, too.

Why Do Australian Made Baby Products Really Matter?

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At the beginning of the Bubba Organics journey, we considered having our products made overseas. It certainly would have been cheaper for us to do so, but we decided against it. Here are the reasons why.

We support local business

Australia is home to truly outstanding businesses, including local manufacturing. The opportunity to support these businesses seemed like the natural choice. And this has a flow on effect by strengthening local business, creating jobs in the community, and supporting the Australian economy, too.

We believe in reducing our carbon footprint

Eco-friendly and sustainable business practices have been part of the Bubba Organics ethos from day one. There was a lot to think about. For example, the further products have to travel (like importing our packaging from overseas), the greater the impact this has on our planet. Keeping the making of our natural baby products local means we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint, too.

We value quality and safety

Australian manufacturing standards and regulations are some of the strictest in the world. As a result, we trusted local manufacturing facilities to create the most high-quality baby products for Bubba Organics. We promise that our Australian made natural skin care products, room sprays and organic cotton baby wraps are safe, gentle, effective and 100% natural. And we promise this with total confidence because they’re made in state-of-the-art facilities right here in Australia.

Discover Our Australian Made Natural Baby Products

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Made with love, in (sometimes!) sunny Melbourne, our natural baby products have been created for families like yours. Gently caring for every little body, treading lightly on our beautiful planet, and supporting local business and communities – we think of ourselves as the feel-good Australian baby brand. And this is our invitation to you to join our growing family!

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