Our IG Family: Meet Jenn from Days Of Bliss

We recently announced our gorgeous new IG Family, a group of Australian mum influencers who will be sharing their experiences with our natural baby skin care products. We know that the most meaningful recommendations come from other mums and so we’ve recruited some of our favourites to give you their honest opinions about the Bubba Organics range.

In this post, we’re shining the spotlight on Jenn Bliss, the mum behind @days.of.bliss. Since becoming a mum to gorgeous baby Noah, Jenn has grown an audience of followers who love following her day to day adventures and reading her heartfelt musings about motherhood. It’s this beautiful honesty that helps other mums to feel less alone in their own mothering journey.

We hope you enjoy our chat with the lovely Jenn.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.

For the time being, my little family consists of just hubby, myself and our beautiful little cub, Noah James Bliss. We are definitely going to be adding a few more members to this little family, but for now, we are enjoying life as the three of us. We love to lap up the sunshine and salty water on the sunny coast in Port Stephens.

Jenn and family

Image by Muse Photography

What made you decide to start your Instagram page?

I am a right-brained creative by heart, so I used Instagram as a way to channel my creative juices. Now I use it to do that as well as document my day to day, little family life.

What can mums expect when following you?

My Instagram page is full of my personal mamahood journey and life. I share ups and downs and some personal moments that I have experienced in the hopes that another mum can relate and know that she is not alone.

What do you enjoy most about running your page?

Moving from South Africa to Australia has been a beautiful, but tough move. What I love about IG is that I can connect and share my motherhood experience with mamas all around Australia and I don’t even have to live close to them to form an incredible friendship. It’s modern day “penpal-ing” to another level. 🙂

We’re thrilled to have you onboard as part of the Bubba Organics IG Fam! Tell us a bit about what it means to you to be an ambassador for our Australian natural baby skin care brand.

I love supporting Aussie brands that are genuinely beautiful companies and run by incredible people. When I find a brand like this, I want to let EVERYONE I bump into know about them. That is why becoming an official Ambassador for a baby skincare product that I genuinely love and use is honestly the best thing ever! My hope is that other mums would now try Bubba Organics FIRST before all the other baby skincare products – like I did when I didn’t know any better.

Baby Bath Time

Which is your favourite Bubba Organics product and why?

I LOVE the entire Lavender and Chamomile range! It smells AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING and it helps calm Noah before bed. So it’s now a vital part of our night time routine. We go through the bottles so quickly, because I use it on my skin, too!

As an Australian mum influencer, what’s the one thing you would tell a brand-new mum?

Let me save you the hassle, your precious time (which, let’s be frank, you don’t have a lot of these days) and your money. Don’t even bother testing and trying the hundreds of brands that come from mass production companies and are sold in the supermarkets. Go straight to an Aussie brand that genuinely cares about your baby’s skin and that is created by mothers.

Bubba Organics review

Shop Jenn’s favourite natural baby skin care range, Lavender & Chamomile here.