Baby room with ocean wallpaper

Our Favourite Nursery Trends For 2021

If you’re expecting a little bundle, you might be thinking about trending baby nursery themes. And to help you in this exciting nesting phase, we’ve sourced some of our favourite nursery trends for 2021. And the best part? Many of the nursery styles that are popular this year are gender neutral. So whether you’re keeping the baby’s sex a surprise or you just prefer a less gender stereotypical style, these nursery trends are perfect!

Swoon-worthy neutral nursery themes

Earthy Colours and Natural Textiles

Baby nursery with earthy wall colour


Create a warm and inviting sanctuary for your precious bubba with this nursery trend. Colours that are huge right now include earthy shades of rich terracotta, peachy corals, and deep, moody greens. Off-set darker walls with natural textiles like raffia or rattan – and while bub is young enough not to dig in the soil, why not add a statement houseplant? This nursery style is a gorgeous way to bring the outdoors in.

Baby Nursery with forest green feature wall


This nursery style is not only perfectly neutral, it is also extremely adaptable, allowing you to update it easily as your child grows out of babyhood.

Global Baby

Baby bedroom with world map wallpaper


Embrace wanderlust and celebrate adventure with a travel-inspired nursery theme. From enchanting world maps to hanging aeroplanes and hot air balloons, there are so many neutral accents that will bring this style to life. Vintage suitcases, street signs from faraway lands, you can capture little reminders of all your favourite destinations.

Baby nursery with hot air balloons


Though it may seem like travelling the globe is a distant memory right now, it won’t be this way forever. A travel-inspired nursery is a wonderful way to keep dreaming of all the magical places you’ll show your child some day!

Scandi Style

Black and white baby nursery


A popular trend for many years now, the Scandi style nursery doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. And with its soothing simplicity, we can see why. Think blond wood, lots of monochromes and natural textures and greenery to add dimension.

Scandi Nursery with baby asleep in cot


The ultimate in minimalist nursery trends, Scandi style is also great for creating a neutral space for a boy or a girl. It’s light and bright, and free from clutter – the perfect place to make memories with your tiny person.

Colour Pop!

Colourful baby nursery


If the stark simplicity and muted tones of the Scandi trend have you dreaming of rainbows, then don’t panic. Colour is BACK, baby! This look is most adaptable when you keep the walls white and add colour via furniture, soft furnishings and art.

Baby nursery with colourful feature wall


Bright, cheerful colours add fun to your baby’s nursery, and if you keep the styling modern and chic, it has the potential to really grow and adapt with your child.

Sustainable Nursery Trends

It’s very tempting to go out and buy brand new everything for your impending bundle. But remember that babies don’t stay babies forever, and that sourcing pre-loved nursery furniture is not only great for your bank account, it’s great for the planet, too.

Be inspired by these gorgeous nursery trends and then challenge yourself to source as many of the items secondhand as possible. Turn preloved woven baskets and trays into wall features that look as good in an earthy nursery as they do in a Scandi space. A preloved cot can be sanded and painted to suit your nursery theme – simply buy a new mattress as recommended by health professionals.

Bubba Organics – designed for the modern nursery

Baby change basket

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