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Eco baby products might have seemed like a buzz word or a fad in the beginning, but new parents are proving that this is not a trend. The things we’re choosing to purchase for our little people are so much more important than following what’s currently popular. It’s a lifestyle change that not only gives us peace of mind about the health of our family but also considers the future impact on our environment.

We understand that parents like you care about how things are made. Choosing eco baby products is choosing to care for the planet and all its creatures. For this reason, we work hard to produce natural baby products that parents can trust – and we’re proud of the certifications that our premium products have earned.

Vegan skin care options for families

Vegan Friendly Certified

More and more families are embracing a vegan lifestyle. But it can be difficult to find eco baby products that are fully transparent about how they’re made. Bubba Organics provide two vegan skin care ranges that give families peace of mind that not only are they giving their precious littles the best care available but that these skin care ranges align with their beliefs and values.

We’re thrilled to announce that Safe Cosmetics Australia has officially recognised our Lavender & Chamomile and Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow ranges as Vegan Friendly Certified. We’re proud to provide these premium vegan skin care options for families.

Choose cruelty free skin care

Increasingly, young families are questioning what is involved with making their favourite products – and this includes baby skin care. We believe that to truly claim Bubba Organics makes eco baby products, we must adhere to the highest standards of sustainable and ethical practices. And this includes animal testing.

We don’t make products for animals, so we don’t believe in testing on them. In addition, we never use irritating or questionable ingredients. Instead, we source the best natural ingredients that are known to be gentle, effective and hypoallergenic. After all, our skin care was created to be suitable from birth – and newborns have the most precious and delicate skin of all!

We’re proud to announce that Safe Cosmetics have declared our entire Bubba Organics range Cruelty Free Certified. We believe cruelty free skin care is the best choice for families – and our planet.

Australian-made eco baby products

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Did you know that our entire Bubba Organics range is made in Melbourne, Australia? Every bottle, every label and all the formulations are made locally. It’s just another way to support local businesses and to reduce our carbon footprint. Each small act goes a long way towards protecting our future – and most importantly, the future of our precious children.

Thank you for coming on the journey with us!

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