Our Core Ingredients.

Bubba Organics premium baby skincare products contain two core, pure, organic by nature ingredients: Aloe Vera & Olive Fruit Oil.

Aloe Vera is a ‘shining star’ in skincare! This wonder plant is the number one ingredient in all our beautiful skincare products, not water!  It improves hydration with its natural moisturising factor and is a key beneficial skin care ingredient for all skin types.

Extracted from the leaf of the Aloe plant the juice’s active ingredients have been found to heal and regenerate skin.  Aloe Vera has an incredible reputation as a potent healer of the skin and internal surface linings, which is legendary and well documented. Traditionally a small Aloe plant is kept in the kitchen garden to use on small burns that may occur around the home.


Beautiful, natural Olive Fruit Oil is present in all our products. This well known oil has superior penetrating and antioxidant properties.  It leaves skin feeling soft due to the excellent moisturising effect it has on the skins upper layer. Olive Oil also has the outstanding ability to form a moisture barrier while allowing skin to breathe. Scent-free, Olive Oil lends its gentle, moisturising qualities to all our beautiful, organic by nature family friendly products.


We take our ingredients very seriously at Bubba Organics and the promise we make to our customers and ourselves is to always be Pure, Natural & Organic by Nature, free of Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sulphates, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Colours & Fragrances. Every product is planet safe, not tested on animals and full of things that are naturally good for happy mums & babies.