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Why Natural Air Freshener Is Best For Baby’s Nursery

Baby nurseries are often gorgeous spaces, but the smells can be a whole other story! Frequent nappy changes will have you reaching for the air freshener. But before you purchase a strong artificial fragrance to cover odours in your home, consider whether a natural air freshener could be a better choice for your little one – and the whole family.

The problem with traditional air fresheners

We all know how lovely it is to walk into a space that smells clean and fresh. Beautiful aromas are a sensory pleasure and can enhance our homes. And a baby’s nursery is no different. If your change table is located in there, you’ll be changing many nappies every day, and the air will need refreshing.

Unfortunately, traditional air fresheners can be very strong and overpowering. The use of sprays, diffusers and even gels have been linked to adverse reactions such as respiratory problems, allergies, migraine headaches and more. Ironically, the products we use to improve the quality of the air can actually pollute it.

In addition, it can be difficult to know exactly what is in the room spray you’ve chosen. Regulations allow manufacturers to keep their fragrance formulations a secret so that they can’t be copied by competitors. This makes it incredibly difficult for consumers to make an informed choice about their purchase.

Why choose natural air freshener?

The good news is that there is a healthier alternative – and it’s safe to use in your baby’s nursery, too. Natural air fresheners that contain 100% natural ingredients are the go-to for conscious parents.

Avoid headache-inducing synthetic fragrances that overpower the entire environment. Instead, a natural air freshener, like Lavender & Chamomile, harnesses the natural aromas of botanicals to restore calm in any space.

How to keep your nursery smelling fresh

It’s a fact of life that your baby’s nursery will occasionally harbour some unpleasant smells. But dealing with them naturally is simple.

1. Wherever possible, open a window to allow airflow. Air can grow stale in any room and allowing a fresh breeze through is a great way to clear unwanted odours. If you have a ceiling fan, running this for a short while can help, too.
2. Spray a 100% natural air freshener in the air and on bed linen to keep the room smelling wonderful – naturally!
3. If you change nappies in the nursery, avoid keeping a diaper bin in the room. Putting the dirty nappy directly in an outside bin as soon as possible will lessen the chance of lingering smells.

Breathe easier – and refresh baby toys, too!

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Some natural air fresheners contain essential oils that have proven antibacterial and antiviral properties, making them an ideal surface spray for toys. Our Eucalyptus and Melaleuca Natural Room Spray can be safely sprayed on toys, prams and car seats to assist with keeping germs at bay. These oils are also effective in killing dust mites.

Baby has their first cold? Eucalyptus has been shown to assist with congestion. So when bub has a snuffly little nose, a few sprays in the nursery before you little one sleeps can assist with breathing easier, and hopefully sleeping more soundly.

If you’re heading away on holidays, be sure to pack a bottle of natural room spray to make a strange new space smell familiar to your little love.

Other reasons to love our natural room sprays

Natural Room Spray

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Conscious parents will love the natural benefits of our room sprays – but they’re also good for the planet. Made in Melbourne, Australia, using ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly practices, our natural room sprays are Toxic Free Certified, Cruelty Free Certified and Vegan Friendly Certified, too.

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