Meet the Bubba Organics Instagram Family!

We know that the best way for other mums to learn about Bubba Organics and be confident in giving our natural baby products a try is through other mums. Word of mouth recommendations from trusted sources are important to mums – and important to us, too!

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite Australian mum influencers who have tried Bubba Organics and genuinely love the difference our products have made to the health of their family’s skin. They’ll share their experiences with our products, how they’ve helped soothe dry skin, eczema and other concerns, and why natural baby products are important to them.

All of our IG Fam mums offer their unique perspective on motherhood, sharing the beautiful highs and the challenging lows, and giving us a glimpse into the beauty and chaos of day to day life with precious bubbas.


So without further ado, let us introduce you to our our wonderful Bubba Organics IG Fam!


Meet Candy from @tanna__tribe

Candy is the mum behind the gorgeous @tanna__tribe. She has four gorgeous kiddos – two handsome boys, Kyjuan and Dai-Shaun and two sweet little girls, Mahiya and Zendaya. Their adorable family adventures always capture so much love and fun!

“Our life is a ball of craziness, fun times and chaos. This is why we love Bubba Organics. We are so busy, we need products that actually work. When you love a product like we do Bubba Organics, we could rave on forever! This product smells absolutely amazing (Kakadu Plum and Marshmallowbotanical blend is our fave). I love that it’s Australian made and 100% natural. Not only do the products smell absolutely divine, it’s gentle and safe for our little babes’ skin.” 


Meet Brooke from @brooke_harth

Brooke and her partner are first-time parents to darling little boy, Acre Reef. They share moments from their life on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We love the mix of stunning interior styling, super-cute pics of Acre as he grows, and Brooke’s honest account of the beautiful and challenging moments of motherhood.

“Bubba Organics is amazing. We have been using it since day ONE. We have tried many other products alongside and they are horrible, greasy and full of chemicals. We try to make our household as organic/chemical free as we can. Bubba Organics provides the whole range from top to toe of baby maintenance that we use on a daily basis and they are all organic! What more could you want?”


Meet Mia from

Mia is a Sydney stay-at-home mama to a beautiful 3-year-old boy, Ashton, and is pregnant with her second little love, due this month. We love following the sweet family moments she shares. She regularly shares her favourite organic and natural baby products.

“My husband and I want to raise our children consciously. To tread lightly and preserve our planet for future generations. We are aware of what we put on and in our bodies, which is why we choose Bubba Organics for our family. The products are gentle and effective, organic, natural, Australian made and they smell incredible. Our whole family uses the range.” 


Meet Alana from @tribeofwuwu

Alana is the mum behind @tribeofwuwu and we love her perspective on raising her gorgeous baby boy, Spencer. Alana celebrates the special moments of motherhood and shares the struggles, too. Her feed is a sweet glimpse into their life in Sydney.

Our journey with Bubba Organics started when I found out my son had eczema and food allergies. No pharmacy creams were working and so many of the products we were using contained irritants and chemicals! Bubba Organics is so gentle on Spencer’s skin and our whole family uses the range, our favourite being the Baby Bottom Cream  from the Australian Goats Milk range for Spencer and the Lavender & Chamomile Wash  for myself.” 


Meet Jenn from @days.of.bliss

Jenn is the gorgeous mama sharing her life with baby Noah on @days.of.bliss – it’s a lovely mix of delicious bubba cuteness, enviable mama style and heartfelt musings on life as a first time mum.

“Noah suffered from a small amount of eczema on his forehead and elbows. After trying every natural cream known to man, I am so relieved to say that after using Bubba Organics’ Lavender & Chamomile range, it has cleared up completely. Can HONESTLY say that it has improved bub’s skin 110%.”


Meet Jess from @lifeofriverarlo_

Beautiful mum Jess captures the magic of childhood so well on @lifeofriverarlo_. Gorgeous little man River is always having the best adventures, exploring the outdoors and looking adorable as he does it! And Jess balances her stunning photography with honest captions written from the heart.

“We changed our skin care products to Bubba Organics and wow, what a difference it has made. It’s full of nature’s goodness and our skin has never been better! Yes, I’m using it, too!”


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