Meet our Brand Rep, Charmaine Denny

Charmaine Denny is a beautiful mum of two kids – little Leo and baby Neve.

She is also an experienced nurse and midwife… so let’s just say, this gorgeous woman knows a thing or two about caring for babies!

Charmaine came onboard as a Bubba Organics rep because she truly believes in all natural, Australian made products.

Being a midwife means Charmaine understands the importance of what goes on our little babies’ delicate skin.

We sat down with the beautiful Bubba Mama to ask her our eight fave questions!

The best part about being a mama?

Nothing compares to the unconditional love you receive from your babies. My little man gives the best cuddles and kisses – he really melts my heart.

Favourite Bubba Organics product? 

I’m loving using the new Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow Belly and Baby Oil on my newborn, Neve. We have incorporated a massage into her bedtime routine and I find that it really helps relax her after a bath… plus it smells amazing!

I also love the beautiful Australian Goats Milk Baby Hair & Bath Wash – I used it on my son when he was a baby. It helped soothe and protect his eczema prone skin.

How do you use it? 

I have also been using the belly & baby oil on my skin. The oil is rich in Vitamin C and the grape seed oil helps to nourish and hydrate my stretched skin post pregnancy.

What do you look for in a skincare product for your children? 

As a nurse/midwife, I know that skin is the largest living organ in our body and its primary function is to act as a protective barrier. It is important for me to find a skincare that isn’t filled with toxins & irritants – one that also nourishes the skin with natural ingredients. Bubba Organics products are carefully thought-out and use 100% natural ingredients. It’s safe for the whole family, which is why I love using all their products.

Why is “all natural”/ “all Australian” important to you?

It gives me piece of mind knowing that the products I am using on my children and my own skin are not filled with nasty chemicals. It’s just a massive bonus to have a brand that is made in Australia.

Favourite time of the day with bubs?

I’m not usually a morning person but nothing beats waking up to your baby’s smiling face. It always puts me in a good mood!

Top thing to do with the kiddies? 

We love being outdoors in the sunshine and enjoying nature. We are very fortunate to live near the beach, so we often go for walks along the water and play at the park.

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