Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For New Families

We’ve all been there. Christmas is quickly approaching and there are still some key people you need to buy a present for. There’s no question that a gift card purchased at the service station on the way to Christmas lunch could get you out of a jam. But if the present is meant for a brand new family who’ve just welcomed a precious new baby, you might want to choose a more meaningful gift. Here are some simple and convenient ways to shower a new family with love this festive season.

Natural Baby Skin Care Gift Boxes

Image: Instagram @journeywithtwins

Despite what advertising would have us believe, newborns really don’t need that much. But bath time is a part of every new parent’s daily routine so spoiling them with some premium bath and body products makes a thoughtful and practical gift.

Choose a beautifully presented gift box of natural baby skin care and all the hard work has been done for you – no wrapping required! Visit your local Bubba Organics stockist to choose the perfect gift box or place an order on our website by Monday 17th December for delivery in time for Christmas.

Meal Home Delivery

Image: Youfoodz

There is nothing quite so special as that newborn baby bubble, but even the most besotted new parents must resurface at some point to make food. Ease the pressure of daily cooking with a meal delivery service. A week of lovely dinners home delivered is such a special way to care for a new family who are no doubt feeling a little frazzled – and a lot exhausted!

Try Youfoodz for fresh, healthy and delicious pre-prepared meals. It’s such a simple way to make a huge difference to new parents.

Gold Class Movie Tickets

No-one needs a date night more than new parents! Buying Gold Class movie tickets is an ideal gift for parents once the baby is a least a few months old and they feel comfortable heading out for a few hours without their precious bub in tow. It’s a lovely, relaxing way for the couple to unwind, have a bite to eat and be entertained by something other than The Wiggles! Movie vouchers can be purchased online and either printed or emailed directly to the recipient, making them super-convenient to organise at the last minute.

Of course, this gift only truly works when you combine it with an offer to babysit. If that isn’t possible, a streaming subscription is a great idea for mums who spend a lot of time attached to a feeding baby. Almost everyone has Netflix now, but why not spoil the new mum with a subscription to Hayu for the ultimate in trashy reality TV? Her post-baby brain will enjoy the easy viewing of The Real Housewives!

The Gift Of Time

This is a fabulous gift for aunties, uncles and grandparents to consider for slightly older babies and kids. In a world full of disposable plastic toys and all the latest gadgets, the one thing that we always need more of is time with loved ones. So why not make your own voucher entitling the recipient to a day out with Aunty or a trip to the zoo with Grandpa? There are so many ideas for creating time with loved ones and when it comes to meaningful gifts, this one is hard to beat. Tell your loved ones you want to spoil them with lunch at their favourite restaurant or take them to the park for a picnic. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – spending quality time is the ultimate goal here. And none of us are promised an endless supply of that.

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