How to Soothe Your Baby’s Dry Skin in Winter

Have you ever noticed that you’re more susceptible to dry skin in winter? You can blame lower humidity levels and cold winds which cause the moisture levels in our skin to evaporate more rapidly. Add the dry heat of indoor heating to the mix and it’s easy to understand why our skin has a tough time in the colder months.

Our little ones are no different – and our propensity to ‘rug up’ our babies to keep them from catching a chill can actually cause them to overheat a little. Then what happens? You guessed it – the skin loses more moisture. And if you’ve noticed an eczema flare up, winter is probably the culprit.

But the good news is that there are simple, everyday solutions for keeping your family’s skin soft and soothed even through the coldest of winters. Read on to discover our tips for the best baby skin care in winter.

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Hold The Drying Bubble Bath!

There is nothing quite so soothing as a lovely, warm bath on a dreary winter’s day. But if you’re using a bubble bath in the water, you could be doing more harm than good. Traditional bubble bath solutions can be made with harsh detergents that are great for creating lots of frothy bubbles, but not so great for fragile skin. They are often very drying and irritating to sensitive skin.

Instead, choose a baby bath wash that uses 100% natural ingredients to create a nice, gentle bubbling affect that won’t strip baby’s precious skin of vital moisture. Our Baby Hair & Bath Wash range is made with Aloe vera as the primary ingredient – not water – which means that it leaves skin super-soft and moisturised.

Be sure to pat the skin dry – no rubbing! – and apply a moisturiser immediately afterwards. It’s best if the skin is a little damp as this helps lock moisture in. And if your little one’s skin is very dry, it can sometimes help to bathe less frequently. Try every second day instead.

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Moisturise Every Day

Okay, so you might be cutting back the daily bathing, but the same rule does not apply to using a moisturiser! To keep your family’s skin soft and hydrated throughout the winter months, daily moisturising is a must. And if your little one suffers from very dry and/or eczema-prone skin, then you may find that applying a moisture lotion up to three times a day is necessary to ensure the skin stays comfortably supple.

Choose Natural Baby Skin Care with Soothing Ingredients

Mother Nature is very clever at providing all the soothing and hydrating ingredients needed to keep your baby’s skin soft and soothed. The best baby skin care to choose to combat dry, itchy skin in winter is a natural, gentle blend of vitamin and antioxidant enriched ingredients that nourish the skin and create a protective film to prevent moisture escaping. Shea Butter, derived from the Karite tree, is an effective emollient that keeps precious skin silky soft and soothed. Products that have water as their first ingredient tend to be less moisturising, so look for Aloe vera-based baby skin care instead.

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Eczema Relief for Babies

Has your baby had an eczema flare up this winter? Baby skin care made with fresh, creamy goats milk is proving to be wonderfully soothing to little ones who are eczema-prone , helping to relieve dry, itchy skin.  Try an unscented range like the Australian Goats Milk range – it’s gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin.

For extra-dry, flaky skin, try the Baby Bottom Cream. The deeply nourishing and softening ingredients make it a natural eczema cream that is safe to use topically on the whole body.

Dry, itchy skin can cause your child to scratch which can disrupt sleep and lead to further irritation and infection. While experts are yet to find a cure for eczema, they all agree that moisture is the key to keeping flare ups under control. So daily moisturising is really important – try moisturising more than once a day to keep skin extra-soft and protected.

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Breathe Easy

Winter is also a time of sniffles and colds – but don’t crank up the heater just yet. This can make things worse – for skin and for sinuses. Humidifiers are a great way to add moisture back into the air. A natural room spray containing eucalyptus can also be helpful in easing baby’s congestion when they have a head cold. Try the Eucalyptus & Melaleuca Baby Room Spray to freshen your baby’s nursery and help them breathe a little easier.

Help soothe your baby’s dry skin in winter with our beautifully soothing and 100% natural baby skin care. Browse here.

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