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How To Choose A Natural Baby Shampoo For Your Little One

Is every natural baby shampoo the same? How different can they really be?

New parents often feel confused about which baby care products are the right choice to take care of their precious new bundle. And is hair care really that important for babies?

Experts agree that when it comes to baby hair and skin care, less is more. Read on to discover how to pick a gentle and beneficial natural baby shampoo, how often to use it and what to do about cradle cap.

What to look for in a natural baby shampoo

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Is your bathroom cabinet filled with hair care products? Anti-frizz, volumizing, straightening, curling – there’s a product for every hair type! Those products might be great for your hair, but your baby doesn’t need any of them. Keeping it simple – and natural – is always a great place to start.

Harsh chemicals that foam well and strip oil are often used in shampoo but they’re not necessary for little ones. In fact, using them can lead to skin irritation and dryness. Take a moment to check labels for ingredients. You’ll want to avoid parabens, synthetic fragrance or perfumes, and cocamidopropyl betaine which is known for making lots of foam. These ingredients can irritate sensitive skin – especially delicate baby skin.

Many babies are born with fine, wispy hair. But even if your baby is born with a gorgeous head of thick locks, a gentle bath wash is often all that’s needed to keep hair soft and cared for. Choose a natural baby shampoo that offers gentle cleansing and nourishing moisturisation. Look for plant-derived ingredients including Aloe vera, decyl glucoside and coco glucoside which are naturally gentle on sensitive skin.

How often does baby hair need to be washed?

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Bath time can be a lovely, relaxing experience for babies. If your baby enjoys a bath, then you can bathe them every day. Some babies sleep longer when they have an evening bath before bed. If your baby doesn’t love bath time, then 2 -3 baths a week is fine – with top and tail cleaning on the no bath days.

Babies (and toddlers!) often dislike the hair washing part of bath time, so you’ll be relieved to know that once a week is enough to keep those locks clean and soft. Use a natural baby shampoo like Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile Baby Hair & Bath Wash to gently cleanse hair and skin.

What about cradle cap?

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Have you spotted a yellowish, scaly crust on your baby’s scalp? That’s most likely cradle cap – and it’s very common in babies.

Cradle cap is caused by an over-production of sebum (oil), thought to be caused by mum’s hormones. It doesn’t usually bother babies. Typically, cradle cap will resolve on its own but can last up to twelve months. A harsh shampoo that ‘strips’ the oil is not an effective solution and could dry out your baby’s scalp.

Gentle removal of the crusts is possible, although not necessary. Try massaging a nourishing moisturising cream into the affected areas. This will soften the crust and allow it to be washed or gently combed out over time. Don’t pick at the crusts as this can cause your baby’s head to bleed or become infected. If the area looks inflamed or painful, a visit to your GP or paediatrician is recommended.

Hair care may get a little trickier as your little one gets older (hello brush-resistant toddlers!) – but while they’re still a baby, simple, gentle care is the best way to keep those precious locks clean and soft.

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