Like a tiny, adorable sponge, your baby is constantly registering new things about their environment and storing all of that information up to help make sense of the world around them. Well before language develops, your baby is learning via their senses; things they see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Your baby’s world is full of new and amazing experiences – things that we often take for granted once we reach adulthood.

Sensory play is any activity which stimulates those senses. Encourage your baby to explore, create and investigate at home with these simple and fun activities.

DIY Sensory Board

For a simple way to encourage your baby to explore textures, grab a sheet of cardboard and then glue on a variety of materials with differing textures. You could use a piece of new kitchen sponge, some tan bark, a ribbon, velvet, Velcro, a feather or even a paper patty pan. Once the glue has dried and the materials are firmly adhered, sit with your baby and as they touch each material, you can name the texture – soft, rough, smooth and so on.

Messy Play – your little ones favourite!

If the words sand or paint fill you with dread, you are not alone! But the benefits of messy play for babies & toddlers is well documented. For oodles of (edible) fun, try giving your little one a large bowl of cooked (and cooled) spaghetti to play with – or even a tub of spaghetti they can sit in. Adding a little vegetable oil will keep the pasta from sticking together. If your tiny tot loves sand but you don’t love them eating it, consider using oats or bread crumbs as an edible alternative. Try food colouring for a rainbow “sandpit.” Other simple ideas like finger-painting with non-toxic paints and water play with plastic bowls and cups are incredible for sparking your baby’s curiosity as well as developing their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Bonding with your little one.

After a session of messy play, the bath will be calling! For a perfect, winding down activity, why not follow with a lovely sensory massage for precious little one? You don’t need to be an expert. It’s as simple as grabbing your favourite after-bath natural moisturiser like Bubba Organics Lavender and Chamomile Baby Moisture Lotion and taking your time as you apply it. It’s a beautiful, quiet way to connect and this skin to skin contact will give you both a delicious dose of the love hormone, oxytocin.

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