Encouraging Baby Sleep – Our 3 most effective tips

Babies need sleep, however getting them to take their much needed sleep at the correct times can be the source of much discussion among new parents.

The hallowed ‘sleeping through’ baby can be elusive. For many babies sleeping for a maximum of 5 hours in a row is akin to sleeping through. Regular night waking is simply a biologically normal survival pattern for infants.

If you are struggling to have your little one sleep for 5 hours in a row, read on for our 3 favourite tips for encouraging bubs for a restful sleep.

Baby Sleep Tip 1 – The Tired Signs
Keep an eye on your little one towards the end of their awake/play cycle, as they begin to wind down they will start to exhibit signs that they are tired. When you notice these signs, begin settling your precious bundle for sleep. Raising Children advise the newborn tired signs include:
pulling at ears.
closing fists.
fluttering eyelids or difficulty focusing – your baby might even go cross-eyed.
making jerky arm and leg movements, or arching backwards.
sucking on fingers – this could be a good sign that your baby is trying to find ways to settle to sleep.

Baby Sleep Tip 2 – A Simple Bedtime Routine
A bedtime routine can help babies understand what is coming next.  This regular routine can help to calm your baby down and prepare for sleep. A great way to begin is with a soothing and calming warm bubbly bath. Our naturally, calming Lavender & Chamomile Baby Hair & Bath Wash is perfect for this. Following on from their bath, give your little one a massage with our beautiful, soothing Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile Baby Moisture Lotion. Researchers at Miami University have found that babies who were massaged for 15 minutes before bed each night, fell asleep more easily within just one month. Finally, a few sprays around the nursery/bedroom of our soothing and comforting Lavender & Chamomile Baby Room Spray will finish off your bedtime routine, assisting bubs with a peaceful sleep.

Baby Sleep Tip 3 – Safe Swaddling/Baby Wrapping
Up until around the age of three months, babies have a startling reflex. This reflex looks a little like uncontrolled jerky movements and occurs even when baby is sleeping. The startling reflex is probably at least partly responsible for your sleep deprivation, but safely swaddling your baby in one of our beautiful, soft Australian made cotton organic baby wraps could help your baby to stay asleep.

For further information about baby wrapping and safe sleep we recommend downloading the fantastic Safe Sleeping app from the SIDS and Kids organisation.

Here’s to a peaceful & happy sleep!

Sarah x