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Choosing Natural Ingredients For Baby Skin Care

Should you choose natural ingredients for baby skin care? It’s a question most new parents ask themselves. And we understand it because we asked ourselves the exact same questions when we began our families!

What we decided was that yes, natural ingredients in baby skin care have many important benefits – but finding genuinely natural baby washes and lotions was a lot harder than we expected. And it was this frustration that led to the creation of Bubba Organics.

Researching Natural Ingredients For Baby Skin Care Formulations

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When we began developing our natural baby skin care products, there were many ingredients to choose from, and lots of decisions to weigh up. For two and a half years, we worked with a cosmetic formulator whose 30 years of experience provided us with invaluable expertise as we tried and tested a range of different product formulations.

Along the way, there were opportunities for us to go with cheaper alternatives and synthetic ingredients, but we began with a vision to provide 100% natural skin care with not a single hidden or questionable ingredient included. Our commitment to our original vision meant there were no shortcuts, but in the end, we were able to create a range of products that we believed in wholeheartedly – and that families could trust completely.

In addition, Safe Cosmetics Australia has deemed Bubba Organics products to be Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Made Safe Australian Certified Non-Toxic and Australian Allergy Certified. We’re proud to provide a natural skin care alternative for families that gives parents peace of mind.

Our Natural Ingredients

After two long years of researching and developing our range, we found the ideal natural ingredients for baby skin care. They needed to be extremely gentle but also effective in soothing and nourishing the skin. Thankfully, Mother Nature is incredibly clever and so we were able to find the perfect nature-sourced ingredients to create skin care that even precious newborns could safely use.

Here are some of nature’s superstar ingredients that we use to create our honest to goodness baby skin care!

Aloe vera

Introducing the key player in every Bubba Organics product, the humble Aloe vera! Did you know that many skin care ranges can contain up to 90% water in their formulations? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but then again, water itself is simply not enough to keep skin adequately hydrated.

That’s why we don’t use water as the main ingredient in our baby skin care. Instead, we use Aloe vera. Known to be both hydrating and healing to the skin, Aloe safely and effectively replenishes moisture in baby’s skin – something that cheap fillers simply can’t do.

The Aloe vera base also makes our products go further and last longer – and that’s a win for families!

Lavender flower extract and Chamomile oil

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Nature’s hug for tired mums and bubs, we knew the calming properties of both lavender and chamomile would make a welcome addition to our baby skin care formulations. Both ingredients add a wonderfully soothing aroma to our products which can help to settle bub during the bath and bedtime routine.

Fresh Australian Goats Milk

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Fresh, creamy goats’ milk is especially beneficial for sensitive or damaged skin. Rich in antioxidants, proteins, minerals and vitamins A, C and E, goats milk helps to support healthy skin and hair, and can have a soothing and calming affect on extra-dry and eczema-prone skin. We only ever use fresh goats milk as an ingredient, not the cheaper powdered version.

Shea Butter

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This beautiful natural ingredient is an essential part of our Baby Bottom Creams. It provides nourishing protection for the delicate bottom area, relieving redness and soothing the skin.

Coco Glucoside

Babies simply don’t need harsh ingredients to keep their squishy little selves clean. That’s why we chose coco glucoside as the foaming cleanser component in our body washes. Made via the fermentation of corn sugar and coconut, this natural ingredient is extremely gentle and an eco-friendly choice, too.

Kakadu Plum

Native to Australia, this incredible natural ingredient is actually nature’s highest source of Vitamin C – and that makes it super skin-loving. Rich in antioxidants and trace minerals known to boost skin health, Kakadu Plum is a lovely, soothing ingredient choice for baby skin care.

Check out a full list of all our natural ingredients here.

We Make Pure, Natural Ingredients A Priority

Natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family is how we began our baby skin care journey. We promise to never waver from this commitment. No matter what skin care you choose for your family, you deserve to know exactly what’s in the bottle. At Bubba Organics, we are completely transparent about every single ingredient we use. And honestly, that’s easy when you have nothing to hide!

Pure, natural goodness in every bottle? That’s what Bubba Organics is all about.

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