Celebrating Easter with Toddlers

Easter is a lovely time for family celebrations and it’s especially fun when you have little ones of your own. While babies under a year old are generally oblivious to things like the Easter Bunny, toddlers are much more receptive to the magic. So sprinkle a little bunny dust this Easter and create holiday memories to share for a lifetime.

Fun Easter Recipes

Image via Bake Play Smile

Teaching your little one about a well-balanced diet of nutritious fresh foods plus the occasional treat is a wonderful way to set up a healthy, lifelong relationship with food.  And nothing says Easter quite like sweet chocolatey treats or delicious hot cross buns.

For a fun Easter activity to share with your budding chef, why not pop on your aprons and get cooking. We love this super-simple No Bake Easter Egg Slice from Bake Play Smile. It’s especially perfect for little hands because there is no hot oven involved – and though you might find it a little stressful to hand over control of the wooden spoon to your little person, the sense of achievement and independence they get from helping you with this task is completely worth a little mess at the end!

Or enjoy the simple deliciousness of homemade hot cross buns – these ones are choc chip but you could easily add in some sultanas to boost the nutrition.

Alternatives to Easter Chocolate

If you’re trying to avoid a complete chocolate overload or your child has allergies, consider these chocolate-free alternatives.

  • Some families favour presents over chocolate. How about choosing a new picture book and a pair of winter pyjamas for the cooler weather to come?
  • Try an Easter Egg Hunt without the chocolate – you can find inexpensive plastic eggs that you can split apart and hide something inside. This could be a combination of stickers, healthy snacks, hair accessories, small toys and even little love notes! The great thing about these plastic eggs is that they can be used over and over again, making them a better choice environmentally.
  • Make a delicious picnic of your favourite healthy treats to enjoy either at the local park or even on a rug spread out on the lounge room floor at home. Choose a favourite movie to watch afterwards and munch on the Easter Bunny’s favourite food, carrot sticks!

Image via Instagram @these.hazy.days

Easter Camping Fun with Toddlers

Easter is a popular time for families to head away – and camping is great fun for little people! Immerse yourself in the great outdoors and get back to the simplicity of nature. Toddlers view the world with wide-eyed wonder that’s absolutely contagious – so arranging a scavenger hunt in the bush is the perfect way to catch that joy! Make a list of things to be found: a leaf, a smooth pebble, a cute little gumnut like those featured in the stories of May Gibbs. Your child will love filling a basket with natural treasures – who needs chocolate now?

Our tip for heading away with a little one? Make sure to pack our soothing Lavender & Chamomile Baby Room Spray. A light mist of this on your little one’s pillow will help induce lovely, sleepy dreams so that your holiday is relaxing for the parents, too! And if dry skin is a concern, our 100% natural baby skincare should also be packed to keep skin perfectly moisturised. Try our new Australian Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Moisture Lotion for gentle, extra-nourishing care.

However you and your family choose to celebrate, we wish you a very safe and happy Easter!

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