From the moment Bubba Organics began as a seed of an idea, we have wanted to do things differently. Two mums with young families whose health and well-being meant everything to us, we wanted to create a skin care line that protected our kids’ precious, delicate skin as well as protecting the planet that they would be inheriting. And so we set out to create a brand of premium natural baby skin care that the whole family could feel good about using.


Australian Made in beautiful Melbourne!

Before we began the Bubba Organics journey, we wondered why was it so hard to find ethically made, all natural baby bath products in Australia – products that were as pure as they said they were and which did what they claimed to do. But over the two years we spent researching and developing our range, it became very clear that offering a truly Australian Made and manufactured product with the minimum environmental impact is not easy. But we were determined not to compromise. By teaming with manufacturers and suppliers here in our lovely hometown, Melbourne, we are proudly supporting local business and keeping our footprint as small as possible. Every bottle, label and ingredient within our range has been mindfully chosen to love the planet as much as it loves bubba’s skin.

Truly natural baby skin care – no nasties here!   

We know that just like us, you care about the health of your family. We spend time finding delicious, healthy family meals and cross our fingers everyone will eat them. We’re all fighting the battle of the screen and trying to encourage our kids to get outside and be active each day. It’s not easy! And the same goes for what we put on our skin. There are so many products making so many claims, it can be confusing. At Bubba Organics, we want to remove that confusion. Our labels clearly display every 100% natural ingredient found inside. There are no complicated names or numbers, just pure, locally sourced ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin. From calming lavender, soothing calendula and 100% Australian goats milk that’s fresh, not powdered – you won’t find anything in our products that didn’t begin its life in nature. Even the base ingredient in all our formulations is there for its nourishing properties – water might be a cost-effective filler but we know that Aloe vera loves your skin more!


Mums trust us, babies love us!

When we first launched Bubba Organics, we knew we loved each and every product in the range, but we can’t express how much it thrills us to see Australian families loving it, too. Every happy customer testimonial we receive reminds us of why we began our little eco skin care co in the first place and that the values we worked so hard to maintain are shared by so many of you. From the photos you’ve shared of your darling babies enjoying a Bubba Organics bath, to the feedback that our Goat’s Milk range has made a huge difference to families with eczema & dry skin conditions, every little message makes our hearts sing!


Choose skin care your whole family can feel good about! Browse our ECO award-winning range of all natural baby bath products here.