Bubba Organics Supports Earth Hour 2019

Here at Bubba Organics HQ, we take environmental issues very seriously. We are parents, too, and so it’s important to us that we follow a lifestyle that promotes a better environment for the future. The future of our children depends on the choices we make today.

For this reason, we love to get behind initiatives like Earth Hour Australia. Discover more about this wonderful, global movement.

What is Earth Hour?

WWF’s Earth Hour is the largest movement in the world created to protect our planet and bring awareness to the issues our beautiful environment faces.

Started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, Earth Hour attracts hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities in over 180 countries who get involved in this global conservation movement.

How Earth Hour is making an impact

In the past decade, the Earth Hour initiative has been instrumental in making environmental changes for good across the globe.

In 2014, a ban on plastic bags and styrofoam was passed in the Galapagos to protect marine life from the harmful effects of plastics in the ocean.

In 2013, Earth Hour helped with the establishment of a 3.4-million-hectare protected marine park in Argentina.

You can learn more about Earth Hour’s impact here.

How Bubba Organics is making a difference

Some day, the beautiful babies who use Bubba Organics will inherit this planet so we take our environmental impact very seriously. We aim to tread as gently as possible and minimise our environmental footprint wherever we can. We do this by making our products locally in Melbourne, sourcing every ingredient ethically, using Australian made recyclable bottles and packaging and use eco-friendly printing and manufacturing processes.

Choosing our natural baby skin care is good for your family and good for the planet, too!

Getting involved in Earth Hour

There are many ways to take part but the most common way that people choose to participate in Earth Hour is by going ‘lights out’ for 60 minutes at 8.30pm.

So why not join the Bubba Organics team and millions of people across the world by spending from 8:30 – 9:30pm (your time) tonight with the lights off. It’s a great time to reflect on our amazing country, our breathtaking oceans, native animals and vast landscapes, and think about the ways we can help to keep it beautiful for future generations to enjoy.