Bubba Organics, Premium Baby Skin Care customer reviews & testimonials

At Bubba Organics we absolutely LOVE hearing from our customers and receive many customer reviews & testimonials so we thought it was time to start SHARING ALL THE LOVE to help all those busy parents trying to make informed choices for the benefit and health of their families.

We appreciate all the busy mums, dads, doctors & lecturers taking time to share their experiences and are so proud to be surrounded by such an amazing Bubba Organics community. Below are just a few Bubba Organics customers sharing their own personal experience with our all Australian made, chemical & cruelty free, ECO award winning baby brand.

We have too many reviews for this blog so please pop over to our website and have a read, they come from various members of the community and family – we have great testimonials from mums for the best natural baby care products, testimonials for the best Eczema relief using our Australian Goats Milk range, dads with shaving rash relief, bottom creams are not only being used to soothe baby’s bottom assisting with nappy rash relief but they’re also being used as moisturising hand creams for mum. Our baby hair &  bath washes are being used for littles to enjoy a natural bubble bath and the Lavender & Chamomile Hair & Bath Wash is certainly coming out on top as the best smelling Natural Bath Wash & not only for bubs but for the whole family.

At Bubba Organics we pride ourselves on being transparent in all that we do, our skin care ranges are pure, natural & organic by nature, have absolutely no added water or nasties and are filled with gentle nourishing premium ingredients that mums can trust and babies love.




Thanks Bubba Organics, the Lavender & Chamomile wash is the best.  Love the moisturising cream for after the bath and it’s the only wash that doesn’t irritate Cohens skin.  Keep on making awesome products 👌


Our bath time routine thanks to Bubba Organics……  Love these products, especially the chamomile & lavender baby bottom cream, gets rid of sore red bums instantly!! .. keep up the great products!!



This little bubba is growing way too fast!!  It feels like only yesterday I was pregnant! As most of you know, I’m very conscious about eating organics foods and cutting out chemicals where ever possible, well I also believe that it is just as important to choose organic and chemical free skincare products, because after all, our skin is our biggest organ and the one we often neglect.  I am so happy to share Bubba Organics with you all.  I seriously love it!  It is so gentle on Kokoda’s delicate skin and smells amazing. With Lavender & Chamomile to soothe and relax him at bath time, he is one very happy organic bubba 🌿




I was always reluctant to allow my kids to have bubble baths. Miss 3 has very sensitive skin that reacts to many skincare products.  Bubba Organics Baby Hair & Body Wash is soothing and gentle on sensitive skin.  We love it because it makes lovely bubbles that are safe for my little lady’s skin. My kids don’t have to miss out on bath time fun any more!




I have used Bubba Organics on my 2 year old son River for over a year now and I absolutely love the range. I can always rely on the fact that the products are gentle enough on his sensitive skin. The soft neutral fragrance of the entire range is subtle and not at all overpowering. The body lotion has the most devine texture and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated, nourished and absorbs beautifully into his skin. The body wash/shampoo is gentle and hydrating and doesn’t feel at all drying. I highly recommend these products and I always give them as a baby shower gift because I am so confident that they are perfect for new bubs precious skin




Double fist pumps for a few of our favourites from Bubba Organics amazing organic products, especially the bottom cream.  LOVING IT!!!  My baby actually had a small bite and I rubbed a bit of the bottom cream on & it totally soothed it and it went away pretty quick. xx




Beautiful bath time made even more calming thank you Bubba Organics the lavender & chamomile baby wash is soothing, gentle and helps to settle busy, restless little souls.
Honestly love your products, I use the Lavender lotion for a bit of baby/toddler massage before bed and they love it.


I purchased the Goats Milk Wash, Lotion & Bottom Cream for my twins in Melbourne at OFB.  Our little gems arrived 3.5 weeks ago, a little early and prem so they have extremely delicate skin.  I’d searched high & low for organic, gently on the skin baby products without nut oils as I have a not oil allergy myself.  I’m happy to say we all love your products & they bubble up nicely & wash hair perfectly!  The cream works a treat too on dry skin.  THANK YOU!


Just wanted to let you know I am absolutely LOVING your products & so is my 6month old bub!! I’ve been using your products on his skin from day 1 (and he was in NICU for his first few wks) and even on premmie skin it has been so gentle and smells amazing!



I just have to say a big THANKYOU 💕 Bubba Organics – we have been using your goats milk range for a few weeks now to try and improve Lachlan’s dry skin – we couldn’t be happier with our soft, smooth skinned bubba! And Lachlan even itches himself less. We put Jack in his bath now so he can be soft as well. Love love love! And highly recommend to anyone who’s babes skin is also a bit flaky and dry in this cold weather.



I did lots of research when picking the product to use for our baby, they are so precious and their skin is like velvet. There are so many options and it can get confusing. I ended up going with Bubba Organics and I’m very glad I did.
All of the products in the Bubba Organics range are free from harmful chemicals and are made to the highest ethical Australian standards. They never test their beautiful products on animals and it’s created and made here in Australia.
The icing on the cake is it smells like HEAVEN on earth. I have the Lavender and Chamomile body wash. Anyway we’re big fans!


Finally, bath time is not a fight!  Whenever I’d go to wash my daughters hair (and she has a lot of it) it would end in complete meltdowns.   She hated it!  Somedays it wasn’t worth it and she’d have dried yoghurt in there from the day before.  But after receiving the Lavender & Chamomile hair & bath wash from Bubba Organics, it’s been a game changer.  I’ve never smelt anything so good and my daughter will happily let me wash her hair now.  She even loves to try and do it herself!

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