Why Being a Sustainable Australian Brand Matters To Us

Sustainable Australian brands are growing in popularity – and with climate change predictions looking grim, it’s easy to understand why. Many parents with young children are now seriously considering the impact of their purchases. This growing awareness was part of our inspiration to create a sustainable baby care brand. Since our brand inception, Bubba Organics has been conscious of our environmental impact. Parents across the globe care about how things are made, where they come from, and what impact they have on our planet. With this in mind, we made a commitment to provide gentle and effective skin care solutions for babies and toddlers that are naturally kind to delicate skin – and always respectful of our environment. Creating a sustainable future for our precious littles is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Sustainable Baby Brand – a Q&A with Bubba Organics To talk all things sustainability, we chatted with Bubba Organics co-founder, Kerri Chadwick.

How are Bubba Organics committed to being a sustainable Australian brand?  From day one, our aim was to create a premium natural range of sustainably produced Australian Made skin care for littles. Transparency is so important to us! We use ethical suppliers to source our natural ingredients to make our gentle formulations. Our packaging and printing are eco-friendly. We keep our manufacturing processes local to minimise our environmental footprint. We genuinely believe if it can be manufactured locally then it should be manufactured locally! When you say local, where are your products made? In beautiful Melbourne, Australia! EVERY bottle, EVERY label and EVERY formulation is made locally. Our products are made in a GMP compliant facility to the highest ethical Australian standards.

Not only does making Bubba Organics products locally mean they’re made with the quality and purity our country is renowned for, it also means we can support the local economy by utilising other local businesses in our processes. Being community-minded is part of being sustainably minded. From businesses to individuals, we can all make a difference with the choices we make. Are your organic baby wraps made locally, too?  They absolutely are! We make our cotton baby wraps from GOTS certified organic cotton which is milled and spun in a Melbourne facility, they are then printed with a Melbourne printer and finally  cut and made in a local textile factory. We love that they’re super-soft for babies, and extra gentle on the planet, too. Being completely Australian Made also contributes to the sustainability of our local clothing and textile industry. We’re very proud of this.

Does Bubba Organics contribute to caring for the environment in other ways?  Yes! Giving back is an important part of our brand values. We proudly support the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW), the charity partner of Australia’s National Parks, in their mission to safeguard Australian wilderness and wildlife for future generations. As part of our support in 2021/2022, we’ll be planting over 100 trees to aid the recovery and restoration of Australia’s bushfire ravished bushland and animal habitats. Additionally, every purchase from our gorgeously aromatic Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range helps support the FNPW initiative, Healing Our Land.

You’ve just completed building your new sustainable home. What are some of the features you have included?  Yes! It’s been quite the process but we’re so excited to finally be in! We’ve built a 6-star energy rating house. It includes enough solar panels to run the energy requirements of the home and allows us to also give back to the grid. We capture rainwater to flush the toilets. We’ve installed a green living roof with indigenous flora that’s local to the area. We’re also planting 1000 indigenous plants and grasses on our property to help regenerate our area for the benefit of the local fauna.

What else has been happening in Bubba land?  Well, the pandemic continues to be a challenge for everyone, but we are finding positives where we can! For example, I’m thrilled to have been named a finalist in the Sustainability category of the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards. Fingers crossed! And for the second year in a row, we were honoured to be winners in  Eco-Excellence Awards™. This year, we won Best Hair Care For Kid​s with customer favourite, Lavender & Chamomile Baby Hair & Bath Wash. The Eco-Excellence Awards are international media awards for excellence in the world of sustainability, social responsibility, health, and wellness. Obviously, this kind of award really means a lot because it recognises the values we’ve worked so hard to build our brand on. A little more exciting news... in the recent Organic Baby Award Winners AW21, we won the prestigious Rose Award, which is the Editor's Choice Award for Excellence. One brand is chosen for their superior range of products – and we’re so excited that’s our sustainable Australian brand!  We have also won the Editors Choice and Gold Award for Best Clean Family Hair &  Bath Wash for our Lavender &  Chamomile Baby Hair & Bath Wash, the Gold Award for Best Clean Family Balm for our very versatile Australian Goats Milk Baby Bottom Cream and the Silver Award for Best Baby Body Massage Oil for our Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow Belly & Baby Oil.

And finally, what do you say to people who are worried they can’t make a difference?  Each small act goes a long way towards protecting our future generations. Of course, we want to see countries and industries across the globe make a commitment to reduce carbon emissions. But we are all a part of the global community, and even a small personal step in the right direction is worth making. And never forget that as a consumer, you have a lot of power! When you avoid unsustainable brands, you send a message that they need to do better.