What Parents Are Saying About Our All Natural Baby Wash Range

It’s no secret that we love our all natural baby wash range. We created these products to be everything we were looking for as mums – a gentle and effective skin care solution for bath time! You know what they say, if you want a job done right, ask a mum do it! *wink*

From our dreamy Lavender & Chamomile to the extra-gentle unscented Australian Goats Milk, and then our gorgeously aromatic Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow, there is a Bubba Organics Hair, Bath & Body Wash that’s sure to be the perfect choice for your growing family.

Yes, we could talk all day about the 100% natural formulations, the hydrating Aloe vera base, and how each ingredient has been especially chosen to offer safe and effective care at bath time. We could tell you about our customers who are so relieved to have found a baby wash that creates natural bubbles that make getting clean extra-fun – but without drying out or irritating delicate skin.

But we think it’s an even better idea to let those customers tell you themselves! So read on to find out what Bubba Organics customers are saying about our Hair, Bath & Body Wash range.

The perfect choice for sensitive skin

Amina Kitching is not only a mum to two precious loves, but she is also Research Editor at Safe Cosmetics Australia so when she recommends a product, people take notice! Amina has been a fan of the Bubba Organics range for many years, using the products not only for her children but also for herself. Here’s what she recently had to say about our Goats Milk natural baby wash.

“This beautiful baby hair & bath wash is so hydrating, I love the texture & feel it gives the skin. Infused with goats milk, aloe vera, olive fruit oil & jojoba this wash won’t dry the skin or strip it of its natural oils, it cleanses & freshens the skin perfectly. I’d recommend this product for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or dry brittle hair, baby & adults alike, even as a hand wash this formulation works so well, you can feel the wonderful hydration.”

Natural bubbles for skin to brag about!

Mum Carly was so pleased to discover the Bubba Organics range for her sweet boy, Toby. A regular skin care routine featuring our Hair, Bath & Body Wash and Moisture Lotion has led to glowing reviews for little Toby’s gorgeous skin.

Thank you for my delivery, Toby was very happy to have a bubbly bath again! We absolutely love your products, we’re always being told what great skin he has (even by maternal & child health nurses) and I 100% put it down to his bubble baths & moisture lotion! I’ll add as well that at our first couple of MCHN appointments they said his skin was quite dry so then to be told only weeks later how gorgeous his skin was by them… well I put it all down to your products!

Bubbly bath time fun

Margaux turned bath time with her toddler Ambre into the best part of the day – and our natural baby wash creates the perfect natural bubbles for the occasion!

“Bath time has always been our favourite part of the day, we put some music on, fill up the bath with foam and play until the water is cold, and never without our fav Bubba Organics range. I literally spend the day sniffing Ambre’s hair, yeah I know it sounds weird but you should smell those products from Bubba Organics, it is absolutely divine.”

Perfectly soothing for sweet baby feet

Twin mum Stephanie tried our Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range on her baby boys and was thrilled with the results. Infants can often have dry, flaky skin on their tiny feet – but it’s nothing a soothing Bubba Organics bath can’t fix!

“Bath time is night time for us, we’ve been using Bubba Organics on the boys now for a few weeks and not only do they smell amazing, their skin especially on their feet is much less dry. Bubba Organics Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range has banished the dry, scaly skin on the twins little feet!”

No tears here!

Our Lavender & Chamomile all natural baby wash is mum Dana’s favourite product in the Bubba Organics range – and we don’t blame her. It does smell heavenly! But the gentle formulation is a winner in more ways than one during bath time at her place.

“My favourite thing, Bubba Organics skincare range and in particular the Hair & Bath Wash. The main reason I love it so much apart from how good it smells, is the fact that it doesn’t make the kids cry if it gets in their eyes! (I’ve noticed so many other brands irritate their eyes) It’s so good and I’ve found it lasts ages.”

A calming bath time routine before bed

Busy mum Rhianna found Bubba Organics to be ideal for her little ones. Not only is bath time full of lots of natural bubbles and lots of splashing fun, but the aroma of our Lavender & Chamomile Hair, Bath & Body Wash worked its sleepy, dreamy magic on her baby boy!

“Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile range has been the perfect addition to our nightly routine. We use the ‘Hair and Bath Wash’, followed by a baby massage with the ‘Moisture Lotion’. Manning at ten months old had never slept through the night until we started using this product! The relaxing and calming powers of chamomile and lavender. I wish I had tried it earlier!!!”

Peace of mind in a natural baby wash

Renee shared with us that finding a body wash that was suitable for her daughter’s very sensitive skin was beginning to feel impossible. And then she tried Bubba Organics. We’re so glad we could provide a genuine alternative.

“I was always reluctant to allow my kids to have bubble baths. Miss 3 has very sensitive skin that reacts to many skincare products. Bubba Organics Baby Hair & Body Wash is soothing and gentle on sensitive skin. We love it because it makes lovely bubbles that are safe for my little lady’s skin. My kids don’t have to miss out on bath time fun any more!”

Like Renee, mum Kaitlynn really struggled to find family skin care that her baby boy wouldn’t react to. We have to admit, reading her incredible testimonial made us emotional. We just love being the game changer for families!

“Your products have completely changed the game for my family! Hudson loves his lavender & chamomile shampoo/wash & lotion My poor boy has had terrible reactions to other products in the past, but we’ve found him completely change since using your products! Thank you beyond words, I cannot wait to share with my friends and followers xx”

Is it time to try our natural baby wash with your littles?

If you’re not happy with what you’re currently using for your bub’s bath time, why not give one of our Hair, Bath & Body Washes a try? Discover what all the skin-loving fuss is about. You can shop our premium, Australian made baby wash range here.