We Won! THINK CLEAN™ — Organic Beauty Award 2022

May has arrived, and with it, news that Bubba Organics has won two awards in the Think Clean Organic Beauty Award 2022. If there’s a better way to start a new month, we’re not sure how! As a dedicated sustainable baby brand, these awards are so exciting.

Read on to learn more about the awards and which categories we’ve been recognised in.

What is the THINK CLEAN™ — Organic Beauty Award 2022? 

The THINK CLEAN™ — Organic Beauty Award 2022 in partnership with Safe Cosmetics Australia aims to identify brands in the beauty and skincare industry who are clean, green, cruelty-free and natural.

"THINK CLEAN™ means being environmentally aware, safe & effective to use. It also means no BS rubbish marketing! Transparency is essential, sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free brands get the big thumbs up. Where a brand has taken extra steps to THINK CLEAN, this can be the key factor when it comes to deciding who will win each award. Who has acted on their experience, delivered a brand that reflects their core values & taken essential steps to make positive changes for the future of the health & beauty industry." 

— Amina Kitching, founder of Safe Cosmetics Australia.

This year over 400 new products were trialled by reviewers.

Gold Award Winner - Mother & Baby Bodycare

In the Best Clean Bodycare Brands category, Bubba Organics took out the top prize. Our Earth-conscious range made an impact on reviewers and this is a particularly special honour because we strive to be planet-safe and eco-friendly at every point in the creation of our premium mum and baby skincare products. 

Silver Award Winner – Family Skincare

In the Best Clean Skincare Brands category, Bubba Organics was awarded the Silver for our commitment to being a sustainability-driven brand. For us, there really is no other way to be a family brand in 2022. Creating premium, effective products for our customers is incredibly important to us. However, if the way we went about making them was not ethical and environmentally friendly, then we’d be doing more harm than good. So we’re very proud to be recognised in this category.

Committed to being a sustainable baby brand 

The very best baby brands are sustainable baby brands. That’s been a core value of Bubba Organics from day one. We know that customers love our products for their naturally nourishing formulations that soothe and hydrate delicate skin safely. They share with us their positive experiences when using our products and we’re always thrilled to hear about the wonderful benefits they’ve gained from switching their family skincare to Bubba Organics. From squishable soft skin to incredible eczema relief, more and more customers are discovering the superior results of natural baby skincare.

In addition to this, parents enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing natural, sustainable baby products. No nasties to irritate the skin. No nasty manufacturing processes to hurt our precious planet.

Here are just some of the ways Bubba Organics has earned our reputation for being one of the best sustainable baby brands in Australia:

  • Our products are all made locally in Melbourne, Australia
  • Our ingredients are sourced locally and ethically
  • We use sustainable manufacturing processes
  • We use renewable materials wherever possible
  • Our bottles are made from Recycled plastic
  • Our packaging is recyclable
  • Our baby wraps are made with GOTS certified organic cotton
  • We use only nature sourced ingredients
  • We’re cruelty free
  • We are Australian Certified Toxic-Free
  • Our baby bath products are greywater safe

We invite you to discover the difference Bubba Organics can make to the health of your family’s skin. The planet will thank you for it!

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