The Daily Mail

A group of Australian mums have created a range of natural skincare products to assist children fighting agitating skin conditions, including eczema, acne and cradle cap.

Co-founder of Bubba Organics  Kerri Chadwick knows how being a new mum is a beautiful experience that can be stressful at times, particularly when your child is dealing with ongoing skin issues.

But after releasing the Kakadu Plum and Marshmallow massage oil, the brand has received dozens of testimonials and positive feedback from mums who have noticed drastic changes to their children's skin.

READ MORE *Disclaimer: At Bubba Organics we are thrilled that our products are helping so many people - both young and old, we love hearing stories of how the products have assisted with ongoing skin issues.  We take great care in creating gentle and effective skincare products for families and although we sometimes have customers calling the products 'miracle creams', it's important to note that these are the comments from our customers and not of the brand.