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Chatting with Our Ambassador, Jen from Days of Bliss

We’ve been big fans of Jenn Bliss since we first discovered her on Instagram. @days.of.bliss is where Jenn shares little moments of her life with husband Ryley and their two gorgeous sons, Noah and baby Archie. Her sweet, whimsical photo journal of life and the natural approach she takes to raising her precious little boys just made her the perfect fit as a Bubba Organics Ambassador. She’s been an incredible supporter of our products and uses them daily to care for her family.

Life has been super-busy for Jenn, but she took a moment to answer some questions about her latest venture, Talm Beach House. Nestled in the surf village of Anna Bay in Port Stephens, NSW, Jenn chats about the challenges of combining new builds with new babies!


1. Where did the inspiration to create Talm Beach House come from?

We searched for a property to secure as a working venture that we could also use and visit to make memories with our own family. When we saw the block of land that Talm now neatly sits upon, the heartfelt connection was instant. This beautiful space overlooks the ocean and it is positioned right in front of gorgeous rock pools! It was a common spot Ry would visit and go surfing and swimming with his friends. He made many childhood memories in this area of Port Stephens so naturally, this pulled on our heartstrings as we want the same memories to be made for and with our children. Hence, the creation of Talm Beach House. Our main vision and inspiration for Talm was to create a space that felt highly luxurious and relaxing, but in the same breath, still comforting and family friendly. We wanted a space that had lots of natural light, soft textures and warm tones to make the property feel inviting! Being that we have the ocean on our doorstep, it was important for us to make sure we blurred the lines of indoor and outdoor living so that it felt like one. As a family, we love travelling, exploring new places and staying in accommodations that make us feel like we are in a home away from home so our aim was to try and bottle this emotion and bring it to life in Talm.


2. It’s an incredibly beautiful property – but it must have been challenging to balance this ambitious project with family life. How did you manage it all?

To be honest, we just had to do it. We couldn't give up on days that were tough and we had to learn to lean on each other's strengths more. I learnt so much about myself and also about my husband! It was definitely tough, but we kept the timeline realistic so that we did not place ourselves under too much unnecessary pressure. We tackled each day as it came, did what we could and smiled at our work knowing that there was always tomorrow if things didn't go as planned. Working on this project whilst having a toddler and being pregnant, you have to be a little spontaneous and sometimes just accept what is in front of you at the time.


3. The panoramic ocean views are just divine – you obviously have a strong connection to the ocean. Is raising your boys with love and respect for the natural world important to you? Why?

Oh yes, that is something that is greatly important to both hubby and I. Respect for nature and our planet is so fundamental and I think teaching our children about the importance of respecting and looking after it from a young age is how we can make a change in the world.


4. What can guests expect when they stay at the property? Any hidden secrets of Anna Bay that you can divulge?

When guests do come and stay, I hope it is a really heartfelt and unique one. One that they will crave to come back to again and again. I think the fact that the ocean is literally on their doorstep is something so beautifully rare. You can crawl out of bed, make a warm cup of coffee and sit on the patio and watch the waves roll in and the dolphins and whales swim past. Any hidden gems? Oh my goodness, how much time do you have! There is just so much to love about this laid back surf town! We are a stone's throw away from gorgeous rock pools and beaches and only a stroll away from the iconic Stockton Sand Dunes which (did you know?!) is the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you are the world's next David Attenborough or whether you just want a quiet place to recharge and relax, there really is something here for everyone. When our guests book a stay at Talm, we include a detailed PDF with all our favourite “must see” and “must do’s”!


5. You and Ryley make a great team! What can we expect next from you?

Oh that is so lovely! Thank you so much. We both have a passion for designing, building and creating beautiful spaces! I am the dreamer and Ry is the realist. Together we do make a good team I guess! We are currently working out what and where our next exciting project may be! So for now, watch this space!


Tell us about the unique name Our name Talm is actually an Afrikaans word meaning “to linger or stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave'', which is what our guests may choose to do whilst on their stay at the beach house. Being South African, it was quite special to have a little bit of home in some way in this beautiful venture.


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