How To Choose Good Gifts For Baby's First Christmas

Your first festive season with a baby is so exciting! There’s nothing like a precious newborn to remind you of the magic and meaning of the season. But in all the excitement, you might be wondering about how to choose good gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

The Bubba team have some experience when it comes to buying gifts for our tiniest loves and so we thought we’d share our top tips for the best Christmas gifts for babies.

Less is Definitely More

The first rule when choosing presents for your bub’s first Christmas is; don’t go overboard! Some of us (not naming names though!) may have bought our firstborn child so many Christmas gifts that we ran out of time to open them all! It’s very easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and over-shop – but what typically happens is that we end up buying things that baby neither wants or needs.

Babies have no true concept of Christmas – or even the idea of gifts. The act of ripping paper and opening a box are fascinating to babies because they enjoy the sensory aspect of it. The actual gift is often much less interesting. So be mindful of what you choose to put under the tree this Christmas.

Choose Practical Over Plastic

It can be very tempting to buy your baby all the latest plastics toys. However, consider that babies can only play with one toy at a time, so they don’t need hundreds of choices. Spend some time looking at your options. Are there wooden alternatives to any of the plastic toys you’re considering? If so, wooden toys can spark imagination and sensory exploration without the overstimulation of flashing lights and loud sounds that plastic toys are known for. Choose high quality items that will last through additional siblings or that can be passed on. If you must buy plastic, look for eco options.

Depending on how old your baby is, a couple of toys is likely to be plenty. If family and friends ask for gift ideas, don’t be afraid to suggest practical items that you need. Sure, natural baby skin care might not sound as fun as a light-up truck or a doll, but there are many years ahead to buy exactly what your child wants. While they’re still young enough not to care, practical gifts make a lot of sense.

The Four Gifts Rule

How many gifts is just the right amount? The answer will change depending on who you talk to. But at Bubba Organics, we are conscious of the impact excess consumerism can have on the environment – and also on our children’s appreciation for the festive season. Setting a limit now while your baby is so young really helps to establish a healthy expectation about receiving gifts. When we limit the number of presents, it forces us to be really intentional about what we buy – and teaches our child to think carefully about what they really want.

An easy system to follow is the four gifts rule which goes like this:

Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear, Something to read.

Our Ideas for Good Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Using the four gifts method, here are our gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas.

Something you want:

Something you need:

Something to wear:

Something to read:

Buy Baby Christmas Gifts Early This Year

It’s always great to get organised early when it comes to Christmas shopping – but this year is even more important than ever. COVID has caused supply chain issues across the globe – and this means that there may be a shortage of your favourite products in Australia. So, get started as soon as possible to avoid missing out. And as always, shop small and local wherever possible. It’s a win for you and a win for small businesses.