How To Care For A Precious Winter Baby

A winter baby are a precious gift when the temperature drops – there’s nothing like snuggling a newborn to keep you toasty warm! But new parents sometimes wonder whether a baby born in the winter months requires special care. Are there rules that apply to a winter baby that don’t apply in summer?

The good news is that newborn babies, no matter what season they’re born in, do best when they are safe, warm, fed and loved. But we understand that new parents can worry about every little thing. So we’ve put together a list of useful tips to consider when caring for your precious little winter baby.

How to dress a newborn baby in winter

How to dress a newborn baby in winter

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Newborns have trouble regulating their body temperature, and so it’s natural to worry about your bubba getting cold. Here comes the singlets, the beanies, the booties, the mittens, the fleece-lined snowsuits! Yes, it’s very tempting to dress your baby for blizzard conditions – but Australian winters rarely call for that kind of rugging up.

Instead of choosing one thick item of clothing, dress your baby in layers so that it’s easy to adjust them if and when the temperature changes. For example, if you’re walking to the café, you’ll want bub to be wearing a beanie and maybe a warm cardigan. Once inside the café, you can remove those extra layers so that bub is more comfortable.

But how do you know what’s warm enough? A good rule is to consider what you will be wearing and add one additional layer for baby. Starting with a thin cotton singlet or bodysuit is ideal. And though you might have fallen in love with tiny newborn jeans and gorgeous woollen jumpers, the most practical and comfortable way to dress your winter newborn is in soft cotton jumpsuits, or bodysuits, leggings and booties. They make nappy changes easier, and are just comfier for bub, especially when they’re napping.

Skin care for winter babies

Skin care for winter babies

Between indoor heaters and outdoor chills, a winter baby sometimes need a little TLC when it comes to skin care.

Here are our top tips:

  • Avoid long baths – they can dry your baby’s skin out. Around five minutes is all that’s needed in warm (not hot) water. Be mindful of the bath wash you use. Some can be too harsh on delicate new skin – a gentle, natural formulation that has moisture-boosting ingredients like Aloe vera is an excellent choice. Avoid skin irritating Cocamidropropyl Betaine in your chosen wash, bubble bath and shampoo.
  • Moisturise – keep fragile new skin nourished and supple by moisturising every day. After every bath, and whenever you feel bub’s skin looks a little dry, apply a soothing natural baby cream. Don’t forget to moisturise bub’s face if you’re heading out in cold, windy conditions. This will help protect their skin.
  • Don’t overdress your baby – this can lead to overheating which is uncomfortable for them and drying to the skin. If your baby is prone to eczema, this is especially important as overheating can really exacerbate the red, itchy patches of dry skin.

You can find more skin care tips for your winter baby here.

Nursery temperature

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Colder weather means our indoor heating gets a real workout during the winter months. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the temperature in the room where your baby sleeps. It can be tempting to keep the nursery toasty warm, but if the room is too warm, it can be difficult to sleep. More importantly, a room that is too hot poses a risk of overheating for your baby which has been linked with SIDS. For more information on safe sleeping practices, read this.

So what temperature should your baby’s nursery be? Paediatricians say the ideal bedroom temperature is between 20 and 22.2 degrees Celsius.

Indoor heaters can be very drying to the skin. A humidifier can help replace moisture in the air, which can assist with breathing and baby’s skin, too.

Dressing a winter baby for bed

So now that you’ve got the nursery temperature sorted, what should your winter baby wear to bed?

  • Layers are the best option for dressing baby at bedtime as they can easily be adjusted if the temperature changes.
  • A singlet and all-in-one sleepsuit is a comfortable option, keeps little feet warm, and makes night time nappy changes easier.
  • Safe swaddling in a breathable, soft cotton wrap is a great way to help your newborn settle.
  • A safe baby sleeping bag in a TOG (thermal overall grade) appropriate for winter is ideal for bubs who escape their swaddle. It’s important that the sleeping bag is the correct size for your infant – look for fitted neck and arm holes.
  • Thick pyjamas and heavy blankets are not recommended.
  • Avoid dressing baby in a beanie or hooded jumpsuit for sleep.

We hope these tips have put your mind at ease about caring for a gorgeous little winter baby. And don’t forget, colder weather is the perfect excuse for extra long snuggles. Bliss!

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