Eczema Magazine

All natural baby care products are often the goal for parents of little ones — especially if they have dry or sensitive skin conditions.

When we created our premium range of natural baby skin care, we wanted parents to know they could trust our formulations to be gentle and safe for even the most delicate newborn skin. We made each formulation with the purest, 100% natural ingredients. With our Australian Goats Milk range we went a step further by making it scent-free so that extra-sensitive skin types, both young and old could enjoy the natural goodness of our skin care. What we didn’t initially realise is that our products would be skin-friendly for babies and adults suffering with dry, itchy and eczema affected skin. And so we were delighted to hear our customers reporting that our products were providing natural eczema relief for them and their babies.

We are proud to support the EAA as a bronze sponsor. Our products have been reviewed as safe for use with little ones who suffer from irritation associated with eczema. We invite you to try our gently soothing baby skin care with your family. We have taken great care to exclude all known toxins, irritants and questionable ingredients. In this way, we offer an honest, truly Australian Made natural skin care alternative that parents can trust.

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