Repost: Bubba Organics: Lovingly made in Australia for mum and bub   

Based out of Melbourne, Bubba Organics proudly manufactures a range of natural skincare and organic baby products for eco-conscious families. From nourishing baby washes, soothing moisture lotions, belly oils, and bottom creams to beautiful organic cotton baby wraps, every Bubba Organics product, label and formulation is made with love locally.

Emphasising its Aussie credentials, Bubba Organics uses a wide range of natural Aussie ingredients to create the brand’s iconic skin loving goodness, including Kakadu Plum, Lavender, Chamomile, and Goats Milk - to name a few!

Director and Founder of Bubba Organics, Kerri Chadwick, said the company came to fruition after noticing a congested baby care market that did not cater to families seeking genuinely natural and eco-friendly products.

“We began Bubba Organics when we found we couldn’t find genuinely natural and eco-friendly products for our own families in an extremely crowded baby care market. Pure, safe, and natural ingredients matter to us, so with that in mind, we sourced the expertise of a professional cosmetic formulator to help us find the perfect balance between nature and science,” said Ms Chadwick.

When asked if local manufacturing was important for the Bubba Organics brand, Ms Chadwick responded quickly. “We’re passionate about supporting local industry and small business. Local manufacturing has so many benefits, but two, in particular, come to mind,” she said.

“The first is that supporting local manufacturing supports communities directly and the Australian economy more broadly. The second is that local manufacturing reduces our environmental footprint. We make products for the newest generation – it wouldn’t make sense to provide premium baby skincare using manufacturing processes that are harming the planet these precious little ones will grow up in!”

“Keeping the production of Bubba Organics products local is the obvious choice for us. We genuinely believe that if it can be manufactured locally, it should be manufactured locally. Not only does it enable us to support and champion local manufacturing, but keeping production local also minimises our environmental footprint.”


Bubba Organics continues to see strong growth, with products hitting the shelves of stores both nationally and internationally. Ms Chadwick said, “Demand for our premium Australian made products continues to grow across the globe. As a result, we’re currently busy facilitating our entry into the Taiwanese market. We expect to launch into more than 70 stores in the first half of 2022.”

“Every market we enter, from New Zealand and Hong Kong to Lithuania and Taiwan, they’ll see the Australian Made logo on our packaging. In this way, consumers will know that Bubba Organics provides the quality and integrity that Australian Made products are renowned for.”

“Here at Bubba Organics, we’re very proud to be an Australian Made brand,  so the decision to use the logo was an easy one for us. The Australian Made logo is extremely well known and respected, and we know that consumers look for the logo to verify the authenticity of brands. The Australian Made logo adds to consumers’ trust in the Bubba Organics range.”

Recent Roy Morgan research found that almost all Australians (99%) are aware of the Australian Made logo, and 92% trust the mark as an identifier of genuine Australian products. Moreover, 97% of Australians associate the logo with the support of local jobs and employment opportunities, 95% with safe and high-quality products, 89% with ethical labour and 78% with sustainability.

Ms Chadwick said, “Shopping small is so important as it helps to keep our local communities thriving. Supporting Australian businesses helps create jobs and bolster the economy – but it’s also a brilliant choice for Australian consumers who value quality products. Our manufacturing standards are some of the highest globally, so choosing Aussie Made means choosing top tier goods and services.”

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