5 Tips For Pregnancy Self Care

So you’re pregnant – congratulations! There is nothing quite like this experience both emotionally and physically. There’s the excitement and anticipation of meeting your precious new baby – and then there’s the actual physical task of growing that baby. 

Your body will adapt in the most extraordinary ways as it grows a new life. Your blood volume will double, your bones will literally move – and that’s just the beginning! So if you haven’t given much thought to pregnancy self care, now is the time to start. We’re often so concerned about how best to care for our growing baby that we can forget how to care for ourselves. But showing yourself extra love during pregnancy benefits your growing baby, too. 

So this is your invitation to put yourself first with our five tips for pregnancy self care.

1. Prioritise Rest

In a modern world that tells us to “go, go, go!” all the time, it can feel impossible to slow down. But remember, there are no prizes for working until the minute your waters break! Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion is never a great idea – but especially as you prepare for life with a new baby.

There’s never been a better time to listen to your body than during pregnancy. Afterall, it’s working so hard to sustain and grow a brand-new life. It makes sense that you might need an afternoon nap, or to go to bed a little earlier than you usually would. Allow yourself these moments to rest – even closing your eyes for 15 minutes during a lunch break can boost your energy. Prioritising rest also helps to reduce stress levels. This can have a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing during the challenges of pregnancy.

2. Stay Active

This might seem like an odd tip to follow on from “rest more!” but staying active throughout your pregnancy has many benefits – and it also helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

Pregnancy is not the time to introduce a hardcore exercise regime to your life – but whatever exercise you enjoyed prior to becoming pregnant is likely to have a modified version that you can continue throughout each trimester. You’ll want to chat to your medical and fitness professionals to determine what’s right for you.

Many people enjoy swimming, yoga and lifting light weights during pregnancy. If you don’t have an established fitness routine, don’t discount the power of daily walks around the block. Some of the benefits of heading outdoors for a daily walk can include:

  • Increased energy
  • Elevated mood
  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Improved fitness
  • Reduction in back and pelvic pain


3. Everyday Belly Care

Pregnancy brings with it lots of physical changes – and many of these are out of your control. Stretch marks can be a big concern for women – but the reality is, they’re normal. It’s really up to genetics whether you get them or not. If we could give any self-care advice, it would be to let go of those small concerns and focus on the big, beautiful miracle of creating a new life. You are AMAZING!

Using a belly oil may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but that’s not why we love it. Massaging a naturally nourishing oil into your growing belly can help to ease the discomfort of the skin as it stretches and expands. Even better though is the daily ritual of chatting to your belly as you rub the oil in. As the weeks go on, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing flutters and kicks - and honestly? It’s the closest thing to magic in the whole world.

4. Pamper Yourself

Using a luxe belly oil every day is so lovely – letting someone else do the massaging is EVEN BETTER. A pregnancy massage can be absolute heaven for tired legs and aching backs. But if massage isn’t your thing, a trip to the day spa for a mani/pedi or a soothing facial can make you feel like a new woman. Spoil yourself - you have more than earned it!

5. Take a Babymoon

A pre-baby getaway is good for the soul, good for relationships, and good for doing absolutely nothing if that’s what takes your fancy! Whether you can manage a week away in the sun, or a staycation in a gorgeous hotel with room service, a babymoon is a lovely way to unwind and bond before life as you know it becomes a whole new adventure!

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