5 Fun Spring Activities For Kids!
After a long winter, most parents are looking for simple and fun spring activities for kids. It’s time to get back out into nature and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. We’ve come up with five spring activities that are fun for kids and simple for parents. Try them with your little ones this spring to enjoy some time in the great outdoors and teach your kiddos some important eco-friendly lessons along the way.

1. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is such a fun spring activity for kids – from toddler to school-aged, everyone loves going hunting for treasure! This can be as simple as heading into the backyard or the local park. Do a little planning ahead of time to think about what things you know you’ll find in the place you’re exploring and then make an age-appropriate list for your child to follow. A visual list (with pictures of each item) is best for toddlers. If your child is beginning to recognise letters and starting to read, include the word under each item, too. You can make a list by:
  • Item – eg/ find a tree, rock, flower, grass etc.
  • Colour – eg/ find something green, something brown etc.
  • Number – eg/ find one flower, two stones, three twigs etc.
Little Greenie Tip: when going on a nature scavenger hunt, tread gently. Remind your child of the importance of leaving nature as you found it. Tick off items as you find them, rather than collecting them. If you want to collect bits and pieces for an art project, only take items that have fallen to the ground (like fallen leaves and twigs).

2. Make Spring Nature Art

If you collected discarded leaves, twigs and blossoms on your scavenger hunt, help your child turn their treasures into a spring nature artwork! All you need is paper and a glue stick to get started. It can be tempting to want to ‘assist’ or ‘correct’ your child in their artistic creations, but there are many benefits when you sit back and let their imagination run wild. From fine motor skills to confidence building, providing a safe space for your child to experiment with new materials and textures is wonderful for their development. Little Greenie Tip: Save the cardboard from cereal boxes and other paper packaging to be repurposed as a canvas for your child’s artworks.

3. Plant a Herb Garden

There is something so fun about getting our hands in the soil – and encouraging an early appreciation for growing your own food can have lifelong benefits for your child. Herbs are an easy place to start. Try basil, chives, mint and parsley. Repotting or planting established seedlings can be easier with small children but planting seeds and checking each day to see if they’ve grown is extra fun! Little Greenie Tip: Use the daily watering as an opportunity to talk to your little one about water conservation and how all living things depend on water to grow and be healthy. Bonus Mum Tip: Gardening can be messy! When you’re finished, pop your little one into a lovely bath filled with natural bubbles to gently clean away the dirt without drying delicate skin. If it’s warm enough, try an outdoor bucket bath for extra fun!

4. Go Cloud Watching

Filling days with active and curious little ones can be tricky – and expensive! When it comes to simple and free spring activities for kids, cloud watching is the perfect choice. All you need is a blanket and a space to lay it down outside. What shapes can your child see in the clouds? What do they think clouds would feel like? Are the clouds moving? Are they moving fast or slow? Depending on how young your child is, this activity may not hold their attention for more than a few minutes but don’t be discouraged. Regularly practising this activity, even for short stints, can spark curiosity and imagination. Don’t forget to be sun smart! Little Greenie Tip: Cloud watching is an opportunity to be still and use all our senses. Ask your child to talk about what they see, hear, smell and feel. This encourages a mindfulness about our natural world and all the flora and fauna we share it with.

5. Go on a Bug Hunt

Sometimes adults are so big that we forget there is a miniature world happening hidden in the blades of grass beneath our feet. Little ones are far more in tune with noticing the weird and wonderfully tiny creatures that live in nature. Head outdoors with your curious little explorer to discover what’s living in your garden. Ants in the dirt, bees in the flowers and butterflies fluttering by on the breeze – the natural environment is a constant source of fascination for little ones just beginning to learn about the world. Little Greenie Tip: As you discover new bugs and insects, chat to your child about their job in the garden. You might need to do a little Googling beforehand, but it’s a wonderful way to discover more about the clever eco-systems that are thriving in our own backyards or local parks. And for more grown-up projects that can turn your yard into a wildlife-friendly habitat for bees, birds and more, take a look at these brilliant DIY ideas from our charity partner, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife( FNPW).