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How To Choose The Best Newborn Skin Care Products

Are you preparing for the arrival of a precious new baby? Then you’re probably wondering how to choose the best newborn skin care products.

If you’re feeling confused, it’s no wonder! There are lots of newborn skin care products all claiming to be the best choice for your family. It can be difficult to determine which products live up to their claims.

We’ve put together a list of questions to ask when choosing which newborn skin care products you want to use when your baby arrives.

1. Are the skin care products made especially for babies?

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Adult skin is thicker and typically less sensitive than that of a newborn. So, it’s not always appropriate to use a skin care product that isn’t meant for fragile new skin. For instance, a gorgeous, perfumed lotion that you love to apply to your own skin could be the cause of irritation in your baby.

It’s a good idea to choose gentle products that have been especially formulated for little bodies. And the great news is that gentle, safe and nourishing newborn skin care is ideal for the whole family, especially those with skin sensitivities.

2. Is the newborn skin care 100% natural?

A newborn baby has thinner skin than an adult, making it more prone to irritation and rashes. This fragile, paper-thin skin is also more likely to absorb more of anything you apply topically. For this reason, choosing 100% natural newborn skin care products is the best way to avoid harsh detergents and synthetic fragrances.

Look for newborn skin care that uses only pure, natural ingredients that have been proven to safely and effectively cleanse, soften and soothe. These itty bitty bodies don’t need ten different skin care products. They simply need a naturally gentle bath wash, moisture lotion, and bottom cream to keep skin healthy and hydrated – and squishy soft, too! Add a natural massage oil for a beautiful bonding experience with bub.

3.What is the main ingredient in the products?

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Many baby skin care brands use water as the number one ingredient – and that one ingredient can account for up to 95% of the tube or bottle contents. The problem is that water has no specific benefit to the skin – it’s just a cheap way to mix all the other ingredients together. We think baby skin care should work a little harder than that!

The best newborn baby skin care should contain a naturally beneficial base ingredient like Aloe vera. This earth-sourced ingredient is full of anti-oxidants known to soothe and heal as well as helping to moisturise the skin.

4. Do the newborn skin care products contain any questionable ingredients?

There are some ingredients that are still commonly used in skin care that are considered ‘questionable.’ Studies have not been able to definitively prove them safe. When it comes to vulnerable newborn skin, why take the risk?

If you’re considering a newborn skin care product that isn’t 100% natural, we recommend avoiding the following ingredients:

Even natural newborn skin care can contain ingredients in amounts that can be a problem. For instance, essential oils can add a beautiful natural scent to skin care but they must be used sparingly.

5. Where are the products made?

This might seem like an unusual consideration for choosing the best newborn skin care products, but protecting our environment is important when bringing a precious new life into the world. Choosing baby skin care that has been made in the country you’re living in is a way to reduce your carbon footprint. It also supports local industry.

So next time you’re buying products for little people, think about leaving a little footprint, too.

A natural choice for gorgeous newborns – and their families

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