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Best Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – We Won Again!

Do we make the best baby shampoo and body wash range in Australia? Well, we certainly think so! And it seems we’re not the only ones…

Yes, after announcing our recent win in the Eco-Excellence Awards™, you can imagine how delighted we are to announce we have won more awards for Bubba Organics, the earth’s favourite little baby care co!

This time, our premium natural baby care products have been chosen as standouts in their field by the Spring Summer Organic Beauty Award. What an honour!



About the Organic Beauty Award

Established in 2017, Organic Beauty Award is an inspirational resource for natural health and beauty formerly known as Organic Beauty Brands.

There are a range of categories in which natural, ethical products are trialled and reviewed, including make-up, home & health, sun care, and of course, mother & baby.

“At OBA we get that sustainable manufacturing is essential, that healthy ingredients are preferred & that the choices we make today, impact tomorrow.”

The Mother & Baby Skincare Essentials Review System

The OBA believes that mother & baby skincare should be safe, natural and effective. Each product is trialled and reviewed based on the following criteria.

Organic Beauty Award Fundamentals, Five Star Rating System:
1. Ingredients First™
2. Cruelty-Free Certified™
3. Efficacy, seasonal products
4. Value, quality & cost
5. Sustainability, recycle & refill 

Voted Best Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Winning Gold in the Hair & Body Wash category is our Australian Goats Milk Baby Hair & Bath Wash 250ml. Part of our signature Goats Milk range, this natural baby wash is hugely popular with parents for its beautifully gentle, scent-free formulation. It’s been a game-changer for those families with little ones struggling with dry, eczema-prone skin.

Here’s what the judge, Amina Kitching, had to say:

This beautiful baby hair & bath wash is so hydrating, I love the texture & feel it gives the skin. Infused with goats milk, aloe vera, olive fruit oil & jojoba this wash won’t dry the skin or strip it of its natural oils, it cleanses & freshens the skin perfectly. I’d recommend this product for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or dry brittle hair, baby & adults alike, even as a hand wash this formulation works so well, you can feel the wonderful hydration & the scent-free aroma is delightful. This means that they have not added any fragrances, so this greatly reduces the chances of irritation from artificial perfumes or natural fragrances, both are associated with skin irritation so avoiding added fragrances altogether is extremely safe for newborn skin & for those who suffer skin irritation to common irritants.


More award-winning baby skincare

In addition to our Gold win, we also won:

This is a stand-alone product, there is no need to condition the hair afterward & works equally well as a cleanser for the face, hair & body.


A small business with big goals

From the moment we began Bubba Organics, our commitment to be a premium lifestyle brand that parents could trust has guided us. We’re ethical, Australian Made, and genuine about transparency. You’ll never find anything hidden or harmful in any of our baby washes and lotions – just beautiful, nature-sourced ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and suitability for extra-sensitive skin.

We put deep thought and lots of love into every last element of our baby care range to give families safe and nourishing skincare – and peace of mind. Thank you for being a part of the Bubba Organics story!