Baby Massage with beautiful natural & calming Bubba Organics


For centuries, many cultures have used baby massage to promote health and bonding with their babies. They knew the benefits of baby massage were many and varied and today, studies are proving them right. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your baby, keeping them close and helping them to feel loved and secure. If you’ve been wondering whether baby massage might be right for your family, read on for some great tips to get started.



Touch is a simple but profound form of expression and the way your baby first learns to communicate with you. Long before they understand the words, “I love you,” your little one connects with you through the millions of kisses and cuddles you shower them with each day.  By using baby massage as a part of your daily routine, you and your baby can experience a myriad of benefits from increased immunity to deeper bonding.

Studies have demonstrated that baby massage can:

  • promote relaxation in both mum and bub. Many mums say it gives them a much needed quiet moment to connect with their baby.
  • Encourage deeper bonding and attachment. This is wonderful for mum and bub but also gives dads a unique opportunity to connect with their bubba.
  • boost the hormone serotonin which helps improve mood, sleep and digestion. At the same time, baby massage has been shown to reduce the stress. hormone cortisol. Babies who were regularly massaged were shown to cry less and sleep more soundly.
  • stimulate the growth hormone which can assist with weight gain.
  • improve circulation and enhance immune system function.


  • Baby massage can soothe your baby and promote better sleep but directly before bed is not always the best time to try it. If your baby is already tired, hungry or fussy, massage can over-stimulate them which can actually make them more unsettled. Instead, choose a moment when both you and baby are feeling alert and well-rested to try. After a bath is ideal.


  • The techniques you use to massage your baby may change as they grow but the best place to start when baby is newborn is to try some gentle back strokes while bub is fully clothed. Talk to them softly. The combination of your voice and touch is so comforting to little bubbas and actually assists in healthy brain development.


  • Always ensure the room is warm and not too bright – you want to create a comfortable and peaceful environment. Have a warm blanket or clothes nearby for when the massage is complete.


  • If you’re massaging bubba’s bare skin, gentle but firm pressure is best and you should always use a baby massage cream. Use slow, rhythmic strokes on the arms and legs. If bubba’s belly is soft, try gentle circular motions in a clockwise direction. This can help with digestion. Avoid the tummy if it feels tight.


  • Try a quick massage after bubba’s bath. It’s an ideal time to apply a natural baby lotion to keep delicate skin soft and protected. Apply the lotion with long, gentle strokes and watch for your baby’s reactions. Chat softly, meet their gaze. This calm, quiet time together can teach you so much about the cues your little one is sending. Learning to better communicate with your baby also has the added benefit of boosting your confidence as a parent. You can do this, mama!


  • If your bubba does not seem to enjoy massage the first time, don’t be discouraged. Every baby – just like every grown up – is different and it may take a little while to discover what works best for you and your sweet babe.  A quick back stroke may be ideal for some babies.  For others, a little foot massage might make them perfectly content. Remember, it’s meant to be a loving, connected exchange so if it’s not feeling relaxing in the moment, just settle for a nice cuddle. You can always try again another time.