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Natural treatment for Baby Eczema


If your little one suffers from dry skin and/or eczema, you’ll know how miserable it can be. It’s a helpless feeling to watch them distressed and scratching.


What is eczema?


Eczema (also referred to as atopic dermatitis) is a common condition that causes skin to become very dry, often resulting in red, scaly or rough patches that can become very itchy, especially at night. If these patches are scratched, they can ooze and become crusty or infected.

Frustratingly, the causes of eczema are not clear and there is no known cure, but there appears to be a genetic link which means that if you or your partner suffers, your little one may inherit the condition, too. Eczema is often also seen in people with allergies and asthma.


Baby eczema


This common skin condition affects 1 in 5 children and causes already fragile skin to become extra-sensitive. If your baby has an eczema flare-up, it can be very distressing for them – and you! Often babies and children will scratch during their sleep which makes it tricky to monitor overnight. Sleep can be disrupted, and parents often find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of recurring flare-ups. But when dealing with baby eczema, natural options are often a parent’s first choice.


How our natural baby skin became a treatment for baby eczema


When we created the Bubba Organics range, we were committed to making the formulations with 100% natural ingredients – no synthetics and nothing toxic or potentially irritating. Each nature-sourced ingredient needed to have proven benefits for nourishing and hydrating skin – and it had to be gentle enough to use from birth. We wanted parents to feel confident that using Bubba Organics’ premium natural baby skin care was safe for even the most fragile newborn skin.

Our naturally healing Australian Goats Milk range was created to be suitable for extra-sensitive skin, but you might be surprised to know that we did not set out to create this range specifically to assist with baby eczema. We knew it was packed with deeply nourishing skin-loving ingredients and free of known irritants, but it was a happy surprise when customers began reporting that our Wash, Moisture Lotion and Baby Bottom Cream were successfully helping their baby’s eczema when nothing else had worked.  Gentle moisture rich ingredients are the key as similar results were experienced by customers choosing our Vegan friendly Lavender & Chamomile range.


Our Australian Goats Milk range has the following benefits:

  • goat’s milk is high in vitamins including Vitamin A which assists in repairing damaged skin tissue
  • we use only fresh goat’s milk in our formulations making it rich with fat molecules which provide essential moisture to dry, irritated skin
  • our range is UNSCENTED to offer even the most sensitive and reactive of skin types a skincare alternative that won’t irritate or cause an eczema flare-up
  • the entire range is boosted with Aloe vera as the base ingredient which is much better for moisturising the skin than cheap fillers like water.




Our Lavender & Chamomile range has the following benefits:

  • Lavender & Chamomile have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties assisting to keep eczema at bay
  • Chamomile is hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralise skin irritants, it also promotes healing making it perfect for hydrating and supporting sensitive skin
  • essential oils are kept to a minimum to avoid irritation
  • the entire range is boosted with Aloe vera as the base ingredient which is much better for moisturising the skin than cheap fillers like water.





Why the ingredients we DON’T use can make all the difference


Our 100% natural blend of premium ingredients has proven benefits for sensitive skin. But it’s also what we choose NOT to include in our natural baby skin care formulations that makes a difference to dry and eczema-prone skin. Even ingredients that are classified as ‘natural’ can irritate and/or dry out delicate skin. For this reason, you can rest assured that our baby skin care will never contain;

  • parabens
  • PEG compounds
  • polysorbates
  • petrochemicals
  • sulphates (SLS)
  • mineral oils
  • synthetic colours, fragrances & preservatives
  • cheap or drying fillers like water
  • known naturally derived irritants such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine


We know that little ones love a bubble bath, but we choose NOT to include the commonly used natural foaming agent cocamidopropyl betaine because of its links with skin irritation and contamination issues during manufacturing. Instead, coco-glucoside gives our Hair & Bath Wash range a lovely, gentle bubbling action.


Further reading on harmful ingredients:


How to treat baby eczema


Bubbas with eczema have the kind of skin that struggles to retain enough moisture. This makes using natural, non-irritating and super-hydrating bath and body products absolutely essential. And to limit further irritation, it’s useful to consider everything that may come in contact with your baby’s skin.

We recommend using our Australian Goats Milk range exclusively for at least a couple of weeks to monitor how your little one’s skin responds. Our Baby Bottom Cream is especially wonderful for helping to soothe eczema patches. The extra-moisturising blend contains pure shea butter, calendula, Aloe vera and olive fruit oil. Combined with 100% fresh Australian goat’s milk (no powders here!), this ‘miracle cream’ will calm and soothe flare-ups – some customers report seeing a huge difference overnight.

Check out our blog post on ways to help treat baby eczema here. It’s full of useful tips to restore your precious little ones’ skin to good health. And of course, these tips are helpful for not so little kids and grown-ups, too!


Naturally soothe a variety of dry skin conditions


Our 100% natural baby skin care ranges are successfully soothing a range of baby skin conditions along with eczema. You can try our Australian Goats Milk range on extra-sensitive, dry and flaky skin patches and on dermatitis, too. Depending on the severity of the condition, you might like to try moisturising three times a day, at least in the initial stages, to restore much needed moisture to the skin.

Try our Goats Milk or Lavender & Chamomile ranges to treat cradle cap. Begin by gently cleansing your bub’s head with our Hair & Bath Wash, making sure to rinse thoroughly. Carefully pat bub’s head dry with a soft towel and then apply our Moisture Lotion to the cradle-cap affected areas.


Baby eczema relief success stories


Receiving feedback from customers who tell us our natural baby skin care is a game changer for their family, we feel so overwhelmed! What an honour it is to play a role in restoring health to precious bubs’ skin when their poor parents were at their wits end.


Here’s what our customers are saying:


“I am writing to you to share my absolute joy at your product. My beautiful 11-month-old little girl started getting eczema at around 5 months of age and it steadily got worse until it covered most of her back, shoulders and chest. We tried many different products with little to no results. We did get results while using cortisone, but the second we stopped, the eczema would be back just as bad.

That was when we stumbled across Bubba Organics. In just three days of using the Bottom Cream on her breakouts, the eczema was almost gone. We didn’t even get results like that from the cortisone.

I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly happy I am with this product. It has changed our lives and given the peace of mind we needed that we don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals on our precious little girl’s delicate skin.”

~ Nancy, mum to 11-month old


“When Chester was a few months old he had a bout of eczema and we tried many different bath products before we landed on Bubba Organics.  It cleared his eczema up within days and has since kept his skin supple and soft.  I spend a lot of time scouring ingredients list of bath products and when I saw that Bubba Organics contains aloe vera as its main ingredient, not water, which is drying, I was sold. We absolutely love this product.”

~ Petta Chua, Junior Fashion Editor, Vogue Australia


“I recently bought the Bubba Organics Bath Wash and Bottom Cream after reading reviews on customers who recommended it for their kids’ eczema.  WOW WOW WOW, my son’s skin honestly cleared within 24hrs and we continue to use it and his skin is back to being silky smooth.   We have tried all of the creams and lotions that claim to be eczema specific and no change. It’s honestly been a miracle cream.”

~ Lisa Harris, mum to Archie


“So this Bubba Organics stuff is the bomb.  I’m always super reluctant to use stuff on Max but gave it a go on myself first and instantly my eczema cleared up.  I then tried it on Max and now the spots on his legs are almost completely gone.  I’ve never ever seen cortisone cream work that fast.”

~Natisse, mum to Max


Read more customer reviews here.


Experience the Bubba Organics difference


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