About Us


About Us


Our gorgeous products first arrived on Australian shelves in early 2016. We then quickly grew to become one of Australia’s leading premium baby care brands, and a respected name in natural skin care. Despite there being a crowded baby skin care market, parents fell in love with our two signature ranges, divinely calming Lavender & Chamomile, and deeply soothing Australian Goats Milk. Since then, we’ve created limited edition products for the Victorian Government Baby Bundle scheme, Disney, and the beloved Australian author May Gibbs. Due to popular demand, we have relaunched our Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow  range which has been expanded to care for both for mother and baby.


Our Promise

At Bubba Organics, we promise to always be pure, gentle & free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS), mineral oils, synthetic colours & fragrances. We never test on animals & every beautiful product is planet safe & full of natural skin-loving goodness, for happy little bodies.

Bubba Products

So what makes Bubba Organics products different?

Everyday Luxe: We make natural skin care essentials that feel like pure luxury to use – because every family deserves the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Our gorgeous packaging has been designed to complement modern nursery and bathrooms.

Naturally Trusted: We take the guesswork out of choosing safe, nourishing natural skin care. From products for growing bellies and growing bubbas, natural room sprays to our oh-so-soft organic cotton baby wraps and wash cloths, Bubba Organics creates products that parents can trust, and babies love.

Australian Made Skin Care: forget outsourcing overseas to cut costs. Every premium skincare product and baby wrap is made in Melbourne, Australia to support local industry and reduce our carbon footprint.

Made for Families: Though originally developed with precious little babies in mind, our soothing skin care bath washes and moisture lotions have become the go-to skincare for the whole family – particularly those with skin sensitivities, eczema and other dry skin conditions. Our gentle formulations are perfect for every family member.

Vegan Friendly Options: with a focus on divinely aromatic botanical ingredients sourced from nature, we proudly offer two ranges that come with vegan-friendly certification.

Natural Ingredients are Our Priority

At Bubba Organics, natural ingredients matter.  We believe baby skin care should be free from known toxins and irritants. Trusting Mother Nature to provide the answers to our skincare questions, we worked exhaustively with our professional cosmetic formulator (with over 30 years’ experience) whose expertise helped us find the perfect balance between nature and science. Only after two and half years of research, creating, testing and trialling were we confident that our signature ranges were perfectly ready.

All our formulations are enriched with beautifully soothing Aloe vera to naturally maximise the moisturising benefits.  The hydrating and healing properties of Aloe are well established and play a vital role in replenishing essential moisture to baby’s skin. 

Caring for Babies, Respecting our Planet

Bubba Organics caters to modern families looking for brands who are socially and environmentally conscious, genuinely transparent, and committed to making a positive impact. We understand your values because they’re our values, too.

We believe that our products should care not just for your baby but their babies, and their babies, too! Every decision we make today impacts the future for our children. That’s why we aim to tread as gently as possible and minimise our environmental footprint wherever we can.

Our manufacturer uses ethical suppliers to source our premium ingredients. We follow environmentally friendly and sustainable practices at each stage, including keeping our manufacturing processes local to reduce our environmental impact. Our packaging and printing are eco-friendly and recyclable – and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a positive difference to our beautiful planet.

We do Things Local

Bubba Organics is proudly Australian owned, made and designed – and we are passionate about supporting local industry and small business. Our manufacturer uses ethical suppliers to source our natural ingredients, our product packaging and printing are eco-friendly and we always strive to keep our manufacturing processes local to minimise our environmental footprint... if it can be done local we believe it should be done local.

EVERY bottle, EVERY label, EVERY formulation and even our organic baby swaddle wraps are made locally.

Shopping small is so important to keeping our local communities thriving. So every time our customers purchase Bubba Organics from their local stockist, they’re helping support another Australian family – it’s shopping with a bonus feelgood factor! We love our stockists!

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to social responsibility and positively impacting our communities, Bubba Organics proudly partners with Australian not-for-profit charity, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

Bubba Organics is proud to support the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW), the charity partner of Australia’s National Parks, in their mission to safeguard Australian wilderness and wildlife for future generations.

As part of our support in 2021/2022, we’ll be planting over 100 trees to aid the recovery and restoration of Australia’s bushfire ravished bushland and animal habitats.

Bubba Organics and ‘healing Our Land’

We created our Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range as a love letter to the Aussie bush, and so it is only fitting that when you make a purchase from this gorgeously aromatic range, you also help to support the FNPW initiative, Healing Our Land.

The Healing Our Land appeal was launched to help repair the damage inflicted during Australia’s horror bushfire season of 2019/20. With the support of many individuals, local and global communities, and corporate partners, FNPW was able to respond to the immediate emergency by distributing funds to wildlife rehabilitation groups across the country. This important work continues, and Bubba Organics is thrilled to contribute meaningfully to the recovery effort.


Bubba Ambassador

Our gorgeous brand ambassador, Jenna is a busy working mum with two beautiful little boys, 3-year-old Levi and baby Finn. Her passion for all natural and Australian made products makes her the perfect choice to represent our brand. Jenna switched to Bubba Organics products when her firstborn son Levi was a baby – and the improvement to his sensitive skin was such a relief.

“When Levi was a baby, he was prone to bad nappy rash. I was amazed when I religiously started using the Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Baby Bottom Cream – his rashes vanished, and he was so much more comfortable and happier.”

Now a devoted Bubba Organics family, Jenna loves the peace of mind that comes with using our naturally nourishing, toxic-free formulations to soothe and protect Levi and little Finny’s delicate skin.

Having experienced the Bubba Organics difference firsthand – including using the Lavender & Chamomile Moisture Lotion as part of her own daily skincare routine - Jenna is excited to share the benefits of our premium skincare with other families.

Bubba Organics, Committed to our Family – And Yours

At Bubba Organics HQ, family comes first. As busy mums juggling gorgeous, growing families, we know work-life balance is important. Hard work, healthy living, having a little fun and respecting our beautiful planet are principles that guide us every day.

We’re passionate about providing high-quality skin care products that are making a real difference to families. We see ourselves as the feel-good Aussie baby brand, as each step forward at Bubba Organics is made with careful consideration and great respect for all people, animals and the planet we share.

Kindest, Team Bubba