Natural Care For Bellies & Bubs

  Created to nourish growing bellies and growing bubs, this beautiful, nutrient-rich belly and baby massage oil is a botanical blend of nature’s most skin-loving ingredients. A new addition to our much-loved Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range, we’ve combined antioxidant and vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum with Marshmallow, Rose Geranium and Grape Seed Oil to gently nourish, soothe and protect delicate skin. Mums and bubs alike will love every heavenly drop.  

For Bellies – a natural pregnancy belly oil

  Used as a natural pregnancy belly oil, this blend of vegan-friendly ingredients combines to offer deeply nourishing care to growing bellies. Our rich formulation leaves the skin comfortably soothed and supple, and used daily, it may assist with the prevention of stretch marks.  

For Bubs – a soothing baby massage oil.

  Baby massage has so many wonderful benefits for babies and their parents. Our soothing baby massage oil is ideal for post-bath massages, with skin-to-skin contact promoting bonding and calm.     SKIN-LOVING TIP: This clever little oil can also be used as a rich and delicately aromatic face and body oil for mum. Use it after each shower for a beautifully nourishing result.   A Little Love Note: We created our Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range as a love letter to the Aussie bush, and so it is only fitting that when you make a purchase from this range, you also help to support the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife initiative, Healing Our Land.  

Our Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow Belly & Baby Massage Oil is:

  * Australian Made, Owned and Designed * Vegan-Friendly Certified * Ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly * Not tested on animals