5 Simple Natural Spring Cleaning Tips

Here at Bubba Organics we believe switching to natural cleaning options is an important part of creating a natural home. Natural cleaning options can save time, money, and reduce chemical exposure. We’ve compiled our favourite 5 tips for easy natural cleaning.

Baking Soda for oven cleaning
A paste of baking soda and water cleans ovens without the chemicals or the hassle of the self cleaning cycle. Just make a paste on the bottom of the oven, leave for a few hours and wipe off for a shiny, chemical free oven.

Homemade Scouring Powder
For soap scum on tubs and showers, make your own scouring powder with 2 parts baking soda, 1 part salt, and 1 part borax. It will cut through even the toughest scum!

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Citrus Vinegar
Fill a jar with (organic) citrus peels and pour undiluted white vinegar over them. Leave for a few days (up to 2 weeks) and strain out the vinegar to use as a natural cleaner. It works as a window cleaner (dilute with water), for mopping floors, or for disinfecting surfaces, and smells beautiful.

Naturally Clean Dishwasher
To clean your dishwasher effortlessly, fill a dishwasher safe bowl or jar with 2 cups of vinegar and set on the top rack of the dishwasher. I used a small glass Pyrex container. Run through on a hot cycle with no other dishes in the dishwasher to clean and remove the musty odour.

Stock Up on Natural Ingredients
Some great items that we like to have in stock for natural cleaning, are:


Happy Natural Spring Cleaning!